LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Reveal the Real Reason They're Doing a Reality Show

LeAnn RimesAre you excited for LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's new reality show? I mean, it's basically already slated to be the hawt mess train wreck of summer TV, so if you're not excited then you probably didn't like the first 10 seasons of Survivor either and I can't help you.

Anyway, at a presser on Friday, the couple opened up about why they decided to film the eight-episode series, which will debut July 17 on VH1. Aptly titled LeAnn & Eddie, the couple claims the show will air their side of things, and help them "take our life back and have fun with our story and where we are now." Also it has nothing to do with Brandi Glanville.

Remember that these two were married when they met -- to other people. Eddie was hitched to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, and LeAnn was portrayed by the tabloids as a home-wrecker, because of course it's always the woman's fault in these situations.

Le sigh. Well, it didn't help matters that LeAnn and Brandi have engaged in frequent Twitter wars, and LeAnn makes a really big point of referring to her stepsons as "my boys." As an ex-wife, I'd feel pretty put out if my ex-husband married someone who thought my kids needed another mom. I'm their mama, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, the couple claims that there are two sides to every story, and they just wanted to show they're as normal as any other happy in love couple.

"Ultimately, we wanted to do a show and I think that this format and this genre, unscripted, gave us an opportunity to do something fun and work together," he continued. "What's really real about the show is our relationship juxtaposed by everything the public reads and is fed by the tabloids … ultimately, this is a comedy and that's how we go about our life as well, is we laugh and it really helps."

LeAnn added, "I think people think we take ourselves super seriously and we don't at all."

I don't think anyone takes LeAnn and Eddie seriously, but whatevs.

Of course what everyone wants to know is if this is an opportunity to fire back at Brandi Glanville. Eddie said, "This show is not an opportunity to fire back at anybody ... if anything, it's very much a satire and you'll see that."

One thing you won't be seeing on the show is Eddie and Brandi's two sons. "They are not in the show and that was a decision that we made together, that it's not about that," Eddie explained. "Keep them out of it as much as possible. My kids are not in my ex-wife's show and they're definitely not going to be in ours, and that's that."

Ever the one to try to take over when her stepsons are involved, LeAnn chimed in, "We do talk about the kids in the show. We do discuss Eddie's ex-wife when it needed to be discussed ... you can't really do a show without talking about that."

Just to prove they really are fun and ridiculous and don't at all take themselves seriously, she joked, "We wanted to ruin our marriage so that's why we went into this!"

Well OK then.

Are you going to watch LeAnn & Eddie?


Image via LeAnn Rimes/Instagram

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Elaine Cox

they are b list celebs who want pub...there is your reason

nonmember avatar Jessica

Well considering she doesn't have a record deal anymore and he barely works more than a 9 minutes on screen a year as an actor, I say this is their attempt to show the world their scripted version of their reality in order to prove "Hey, we arent those evil cheating twitter loving jerks you think we are even though all our behavior is to the contrary"

sorry Leann, your crazy is all over the internet and no amount of dimples could ever make an unemployed cheater hot again

nonmember avatar toni

They would have to talk about Brandi.That's why they got the reality show to begin with, oh and the fact that Leann is financing it.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

I won't watch for a number of reasons. One being, it will probably be buried in some obscure cable channel at an odd time. Other really important reasons too. Like, she makes me sick. lol

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