Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow Are Doing a Terrible Job Acting Divorced

Gwyneth PaltrowAre they consciously uncoupled or what? Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow may have separated after ten years of marriage last March, but they still act like a pretty normal family. Case in point -- they had dinner together this week in the Hamptons with their children Apple and Moses.

According to an eyewitness source, the Oscar winner and Coldplay frontman "were in good spirits and looked like a very happy family" while dining out at Bay Kitchen Bar in East Hampton Monday night.

Martin may have recently admitted to eating meat again now that he's no longer controlled by married to the GOOP queen, but he kept it pescatarian for the family dinner. A source said they ate calamari and other fresh seafood before capping the meal off with some ice cream for dessert.

"Everyone seemed to be in a great mood and enjoyed the evening together," the witness added.

Well OK then. Doesn't this seem weird to anyone else? I mean, being civil for the kids' sake is one thing, but playing family after a divorce? I just don't get it. Maybe some people really are just better off as friends.

Or you know, maybe the rumors about their split being fake are true. There were reports in June that the two seemed more lovey-dovey than ever, and the whole separation thing might've been for publicity. But as we speculated over here at The Stir, that scenario seems unlikely even for Ms. Gwyneth.

Maybe they're considering reconciling. Maybe they discovered they just can't quit each other. Maybe they're unconsciously re-coupling. It's hard to tell. It's like this pair has ever been what us commonfolk would refer to as normal.

Do you think Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are getting back together?


Image via Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor/Splash News

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nonmember avatar Vero

I hope they get back together.

sassy... sassykat122

Ya know jenny, not everyone hates their ex. I rthink you need some therapy. Your disdain for your ex bleeds through your writing

nonmember avatar sandy

They have been seen together more since their "uncoupling" than during their marriage! If this is a case where a separation leads to epiphany and reconciliation, that's great; however, it seems misguided to give their kids a false impression if they intend to divorce. The lesson should be how to let go with grace and compassion, and to go on with life. As confusing as it is to "us out here," imagine what the kids may be thinking and feeling.

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