Anniversary of Cory Monteith’s Overdose Marked By Another 'Glee' Death

Matt Bendik and Rebecca TobinUgh. Things aren’t looking good for the cast of the Fox TV show Glee. Just bouncing back from the July 2013 drug overdose of star Cory Monteith, the cast received the devastating news that star Becca Tobin’s boyfriend, 35-year-old Matt Bendik, was also found dead in a Philadelphia hotel room.

MSN reports that the cause of Bendik's death isn’t yet known. He was in town travelling with Tobin, who played Kitty Wilde on the last two seasons of Glee.

It’s been a tough week for the cast of Glee. Just this week, The Wrap claims that the show’s final season order was reduced from the original order of 22 episodes to a now smaller run of 13 episodes. Fox execs are quoted as saying they want to make the last season more of an “event.” But the since series has struggled in the ratings, it’s safe to assume, the network wants to reduce it’s risk. Certainly, Monteith's and Bendik’s deaths don’t help.

Last season, the show was struck by tragedy when star Cory Monteith died from a drug overdose, ironically also found dead in a hotel room. Monteith was the boyfriend of co-star Lea Michele. Their romance was very public and a fan favorite, both on and off-screen. The show never really recovered from the sad and tragic way Monteith’s life ended.

Now Bendik’s death brings the sad memory of Monteith’s death up all over again. And while no drug paraphernalia was found in Bendik’s hotel room, it’s yet another dark cloud that looms over the show. So while it’s sad to say goodbye to such an iconic, trail-blazing show like Glee, maybe it’s better to say goodbye to the show so the cast, and fans, can all get a fresh start.

Could fans get over the tragedies surrounding Glee, or is it better to goodbye to the show that made a capella famous?


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Annette Ferrie

You can't compare Cory's unmistakeable death with this one. Cory was one the main characters on Glee, Tobin is a supporting cast that probably is not returning next season. Sorry for her lost. But your Mag is exploiting this actress's lost .

Sharon Buczek

Miss you so Cory.  One year tomorrow......

Sharon Buczek

Miss you so Cory.  One year tomorrow......

nonmember avatar LeaWasHisBeard

Way to make it all about Corey. Lea would approve.

nonmember avatar Gleek101

Lea was his beard you are an ass lea would most certainly not approve at all

nonmember avatar grammermommy

Annette the word you are looking for is loss. Not lost.

JezeB... JezeBellyDancer

First off, please proofread your work before you post an article or hire a proofreader. Ex: "But the since series has struggled..."

Second, it is not 'ironic' that both Cory and Matt were found dead in hotel rooms--it's a coincidence. Check it out:

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