Details of Kate Middleton's Horrifying First Night Home With George

kate middletonThink Kate Middleton and Prince William's first night home with baby George was a royal breeze? Think again. Actually, from the sounds of things, it was downright awful. According to the new issue of Vanity Fair, which takes an in-depth look at Prince George's first year, when the Duke and Duchess returned from the hospital with their newborn it was, to put it bluntly, a sh*tshow. Apparently, there was no air conditioning in the apartment the royal couple was staying at, and little Georgie didn't stop crying -- like, all night. As the story goes, "George was up so much they could barely have a conversation." And no, they didn't receive any special treatment or anything. They were the ones up with the baby.


Adding insult to injury, William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, came over first thing the next morning for crumpets and to meet the newest member of the family. Nothing like hosting the Queen of England after an exhausting night spent with a screaming baby. No pressure there, Kate!

Being that Kate is tall, thin, gorgeous, married to a prince, and will eventually be the Q of E herself, she isn't exactly the easiest person to "feel bad" for. But man, that truly sounds like an awful experience. And gotta say, it kinda makes Kate significantly more likeable that she handled everything without butlers, maids, baby nurses, and ladies in waiting.

It's no wonder William and Kate whisked off to Kate's parents house in the countryside for the first few weeks of parenthood. There, it was cool, clean, and Kate's mom, Carole, was there to help out with anything they needed. Sounds like heaven after hellish first night. But hey, at least the Duke and Duchess are now prepared when they eventually decide to have baby number two.

Are you surprised that Kate's first night home from the hospital was so insane?


Image via Kate Middleton/Instagram

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Imani Woodard-Ali

She was lucky to even bring her child home.  It was awful leaving your newborn at the hospital in ICU and going home empty handed.  All babies are different, some quiet and some loud. 

Ramona Moore

nope because our first night home with our little one was hell on wheels to screamed till 3 or 4 in the morning thought I would lose my mind that night. glad to know I was in good company. And that it really is a normal situation royal or not.

nonmember avatar Kristen

No, babies first night home is usually very hard. It was with both if mine. They were up all night, too.

waity... waitykate


Someone is LYING big time. No newborn is able to stay awake yelling all night. Unless they weren't feeding him enough.

Something stinks and I think it's Waity's parenting skills.  

Turned out they labeled George as "colicky" too, then found out he wasn't satisfied with "breast milk" {if Waity was breast feeding, LOL},  and ended up on solids early.  So NO he was not "colicky" just screaming to be fed. What imbeciles !!!  And if breast feeding doesn't put a baby to sleep then FORGET the breast milk it's not enough.  Put the baby on a bottle and stop the breast feeding if he's "always hungry". George has an incredibly stupid "mother".  It's a wonder he survived.  

A baby usually cries only for a few reasons.  He wants his parents to hold him/come and get him, he's hungry, he's got a dirty diaper or diaper rash, needs to burp, or needs to see a doctor.

Enid Jennings

What utter rubbish!!!  Can't you find anything to write about that is actually true!!  Your page will be closed down if you continue lying

Patricia Marchbanks

This indeed sounds like rubbish. She's got too many attendants to go it alone. Not believing one word of this!

nonmember avatar Msjamm

I probably thought William and Kate went to her parents home when thet left the hospital. Well the first night is always tough. They all survived and it made them stronger.

Tina Alabbas

WOW1 I wish I had those problems! I am a single mother, college educated with Master Degree and still working multiple jobs so I could make ends meet. Let's stop with this trivialness. We all had it tough when we brought our children home why shouldn't they?

Rita Matteson

and having breakfast with the queen probably was just fine....they've know each other for quite some time....

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