Teresa Giudice's Biggest Fears Going Into Season 6 of 'RHONJ' (VIDEO)

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Did you watch the premiere of Leah Remini's new reality show, It's All Relative, on TLC last night? If you didn't, you should -- it's done in a way that's very clever and assumes that reality viewers are savvier than they used to be.

In a way, Leah and her producers satirize the whole industry, which means the series will succeed or fail based on how well they strike that balance. In today's exclusive video, I tell you everything I saw and what I thought worked and didn't. Also, there's some serious rumbling going on with the press campaign for The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 6, and today I discuss why the delay in Teresa and Joe Giudice's fraud sentencing is not helping.

Everyone wants to believe reality shows are real. Except those who want to believe it's all fake and set up. Leah Remini makes a great attempt at skewering both herself and the genre, and frankly, she's well-placed to do it. Why show fear? Given the highly public assassination attempt on her character following Remini's split from the Church of Scientology, what ELSE could go wrong?

leah remini

Also this week, the press campaign for the new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is in full force, with the premiere coming up this Sunday, July 13. I have a feeling NOBODY is happy right now. Not the network, not the Giudice family, and probably not the rest of the cast either. Yesterday Teresa appeared with Dina Manzo and Melissa Gorga on The View, and while it's no surprise that Teresa kept mum about her upcoming sentencing, there's more to the story than that. Watch today's video NOW to hear it all!

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Are you worried for Teresa Giudice?


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Frank Adam Kilgore

I am skipping it. I was an avid fan of most of the housewives franchise but it has got a little too much with the ladies being chopped so often now. Sadly since you left the RHONY has steadily declined in my opinion and Taylor leaving with the BH girls and now Kathy on the RHONY I am ready to let the series go. Sad. I do love your info on the stir!

Frank Adam Kilgore

DO you think Dina is the biggest of the thugs in a cocktail dress clique?

nonmember avatar Cookie

Theresa Guidice needs to go to jail for a long long time.. She's 11 million in debt scammed banks out of another 3 millions owes who knows in unfiled taxes... She lived with the luxury nif a CEO and neither of them had jobs!!! Instead they saddled us tax payers with the bill for their luxurious life style which they continue to live. Only in America.

nonmember avatar susabella

I am outraged as other American's at the gall of this woman to play the victim (why is this happening to me), play the sympathy (my poor daughters), lie to the public (were innocent, then plead guilty), and have the nerve to say she will continue on RHNJ cause she needs the money. You don't decide that Teresa ! the public does, and YOUR HISTORY on TV

nonmember avatar steve

did she just call her loser husband "wonderful" ?
the man that has caused this whole disgrace ? the man that calls her horrible names in front of her children?, the man that drives drunk, loses his license, tries to get another by fraud? The man that stole money, lived a lavish lifestyle, and said he was innocent ?? the man that would not pay American taxes?
the man who after 43 years in this Country, still is not an American citizen ?? Wonderful ??? God help us

nonmember avatar Nancy

Wonderful husband ???
This woman better shut her mouth. She continues to infuriate the public by her stupid comments. When you look up the word "dumb as rocks", her picture is there to define. Unbelievable !!!!

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

I quit watching all the Housewives franchises a couple of years ago because I grew bored and disgusted by the endless fighting; since then, I just read recaps.  The only thing that could entice me to watch New Jersey Housewives again is if Teresa goes to prison and Joe Giudice gets house arrest and is filmed at home. 

sexym... sexymom37

Teresa and Joe Guidice talked about and treated Melissa and Joe Gorga like shit. I really feel that Teresa and Joe Guidice are jealous of what the Gorga's have. Teresa is a malicious person and I believe that her and Joe got exactly what they deserve. Karma is a BITCH. 

Shirley Santanello

Bravo needs to cut all ties with Teresa & Joe Guidice.  The're both disgusting con artists who lie & cheat to feed their materialistc life style.  They put their girls futures ahead of living a lavash life style they couldn"t afford.  They think the court should take pity on them because they have 4 kids.  They should get the maximum penalty like any other crimnal would get.  Their girls will be better off with a family who has morals & can bring the girls up to be law abiding citizens.sticking out tongue

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

Agree with Shirley S. that the Giudice girls would be better off with other adults supervising them, although it may be too late for Gia.  If Milania isn't taught to curb her behavior, she's going to get a rude awakening in the future by someone in authority who will not take her crap.

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