6 ‘Bachelor’ Couples You Didn’t Know Existed

kiptyn locke and tenley molzahnSure, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are all about love and bringing couples together, but what happens to the 20-some rejects that are sent home rose-less every season? Some become the next leading man or woman. Most go back to their normal, everyday lives. Some lucky few go on to star in the franchise's countless spin-offs. And some even find love, long after the final rose. Mostly with one another.

That's right. You know of JP and Ashley and of Trista and Ryan, but there are so many other Bachelor couples that exist. Whether they've met through mutual co-stars, in reunions, or on Bachelor cruises (yes, that's most definitely a thing), they've found one another for all the "right reasons."

Check out the Bachelor couples you didn't know existed. True love is real, people!


Who is your favorite Bachelor couple?


Image via tenleymolzahn/Instagram

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