'50 Shades' Trailer Coming Soon & E.L. James Reveals All the Details

Jamie Dornan, Dakota JohnsonHold onto your hats, Fifty Shades of Grey fans! It feels like we've been waiting forever to see Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in action as our favorite star-crossed lovers with a penchant for BDSM, but it looks like we're finally going to get a little something to whet our appetites.

E.L. James, the author behind the books the movie is based on, tweeted to her fans this week that the trailer is coming much sooner than expected. As previously reported, we thought we were going to have to wait until September to see an official preview, thanks to some silly MPAA rules, but it looks like that may not be the case anymore!

Squee!! Even though the moving isn't set to be released until February 13, 2015, filming wrapped up months ago. Despite that, we've gotten very little official info, and virtually no one has seen any footage outside of the production team.

The word on the blogs is that a few lucky people who attended CinemaCon last March got a peak at some footage, but other than that, the general public has been treated to nothing but an official poster and a movie still.

The cast is alos remaining frustratingly tight-lipped about the whole project, refusing to give away any secrets on what direction the movie will take. We need to know these things, people! They're important. Like, was there a set for the Red Room of Pain?

Anyway, we're totally excited that we only have days to wait instead of months for a trailer. We gotta have something to get us through until next February.

Are you excited for an official Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer?


Image via WhoSay/Twitter

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Leah Sky-Clearwater

Nope. I gave up a long time ago on the movie. I only care about the books now. Shouldn't have made us wait so long. Well I will be able to put my $12.50 towards some great books on Amazon now.

Ashley Ivy

Sounds like the cast signed an NDA lol

nonmember avatar DeniseThorburn

Where do I see this little bit of the movie in july,I want to put it in my calendar. I SO EXCITED! !!

nonmember avatar D-Ann

Eagerly waiting

Lorena Hernandez

Ay por Dios, solo dias :D <3 :') Diooooooooooooooooooooossssssss!!!

Plumb... PlumbTuckered

In my opinion, there are books that should, and books that should not become movies. I feel that bringing FSoG to the big screen is a mistake. The pictures painted in my mind while I read these books is so vividly intoxicating that I highly doubt any movie for the general public will do it justice. Not to mention the disappointment we all feel when a character isn't cast right, or a scene is omitted that we feel is important. I'll keep my mental visuals ;)

Annick Guillaume

oui très excitée impatiente de voir le film et je serai ravie de voir enfin la bande annonce pour patienter encore un peu ;)

nonmember avatar Katerina

About time!!! Andicipation is killing me!!!

nonmember avatar april

Still think they could have chosen better actors. He is NOT what I thought Christian Grey to look like at all. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTE and wont waste my money on the movie. Guarantee it wont live up to the books

Tillie Hartley

I can't wait. I know if u say it, the movie will be great. U r fantastic. Thank God for FiftyShades.

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