Kailyn Lowry Surprises Everyone With Her Latest Career Plan

Kailyn LowryKailyn Lowry is basically super human. That's the only way to explain how this lovely Teen Mom 2 star manages to do it all and keep a smile on her face. She's overcome a lot in her life, and at just 22 is now a happily married mother of two gorgeous little boys, a successful Scentsy entrepreneur, and oh yeah, a New York Times bestselling author with her memoir Pride Over Pity.

Now she's going to attempt to add college graduate to her already impressive list of accomplishments. Kail tweeted to her followers Wednesday about her back-to-school plans, and it's clear this girl has ambition.

She wrote:

Late? She's 22! I'd hardly consider that late. Especially since it looks like she's going to be throwing herself into it full force. On Thursday she followed up with, "16 credits here I come," and said she'll be attending Delaware State.

16 credits is a lot to take on for one semester, even if you didn't have a 4-year-old and a baby to take care of, but if anyone can do, I'd be willing to be Kail can. No word on what her intended major is yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being something in the nursing field. Couldn't you just see her as a midwife?

Do you think Kailyn is taking on too much by going back to school with little kids at home?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Christina webbe

I think it's fantastic, I'm from the UK and I'm a single mum. My little girl is 2 next month and I'm about to start my degree in nursing. Good on her and all the teen mums!

nonmember avatar Summer

She is probably the best one from the show to date. She had her issues during the show with her loser baby daddy, but hey she was a teen. She seems to be doing great! way to go Kail!

nonmember avatar Partieface

You think so? I think Chelsea is the most level headed one of them all. She hasn't jumped back into another relationship like the others. Her daughter seems to be the number one priority in her life. As opposed to other. Chelsea rocks!

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