9 Things Kate Middleton Clearly Learned from Princess Diana

Kate MiddletonEver since Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, people have been comparing her to Princess Diana, the favorite People's Princess. Of course, no one can compare to Diana, but Kate is a popular royal in her own right, each day earning more respect and fans. While Kate and Diana have some stark differences -- they also have some major similarities. So much so that it appears obvious that Kate is quietly behind the scenes studying Diana's ways. Or maybe not so quietly, as rumor has it that not only did the royal family show Kate video tapes of Diana that she could learn from, but Diana herself left behind audio tapes for William's future bride. Here are 9 things Kate clearly learned from Princess Diana.

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nonmember avatar duchessofbutt

this is hilarious comparing Diana with a social climbing/goldigger tart who only job was to stalk and bonk willy boy for over a decade, this lazy woman is a cold materialistic with no heart, everything she does is fake and she even uses her own kid to stay out of work or for PR prop, Diana was a lady with a heart, kate is too selfish, selfabsorbed, entitled , lazy and pointless twit!

Marie Beasley

how dare you!!!! She's everything we need in a princess. She's warm, kind hearted and obviously loves her people. Hopefully she'll be our queen one day soon. I'm extremely proud of her

Enid Jennings

What planet are you on??  First of all not everyone idolized Diana she was an immature young lady but knew what she wanted don't be fooled!  kate has lived in the real world and doesn't need or must not watch tapes of Diana.  Kate has been part of Williams life for years and is comfortable with her role and does it well.  So stop printing rubbish it's yourselves you are showing up.

Rache... RachelHall

Ridiculous! I sometimes think I follow these idiotic works of fiction just so that I have something in my life to react against! I'm not convinced I need to do this any longer, I'm out!

Annette Gunther

Diana was a lose cannon Very immature and very "wanting to be loved" think on thi She left her kids in Grannies care to go away BONKING Dodi and any other penis she fancied. She knew all about royal life as her Dad was on of the Queens right hand men at one point . She wasnt' perfect her heart was all for self grandisment  she played the media well For goodness sake let her rest in peace. 

Debbie Learn

There is no comparing Princess Diana and Duchess Kate. Princess Diana was shy and Duchess Kate is very self-confident and outgoing. Princess Diana had a beautiful heart as does Duchess Kate. "If" Princess Diana made a video for Prince William's future wife, I believe she did in love. What a blessing to Duchess Kate. Duchess Kate deserves time to mature in her role. Sad, this newspaper/magazine is always "stirring" something negative on Duchess Kate.

waity... waitykate

Diana was "shy" at first,she was only 19 years old. Diana was a hard working humanitarian and a graceful royal. You don't accomplish that by being "shy". Diana was popular in the EXTREME, later slandered by the royals before her death and afterward.

Yes Waity Kate and William purposely copied some of Diana's fashion. Sickening. In their own country they're called "Willnot and Cannot" { lazy }. William plays the "I'm Diana's son" card way too much. His absurd approval of the copying of his own mother's style onto his wife reminds me of Norman Bates in the film "Psycho".  

Silly articles try to make Waity Kate appear better than she is. Waity Kate could never hope to be like Diana. 

Waity doesn't do much charity or public service. Diana loved using her position to help others and did so often.  Waity's obvious mentally unbalanced {exhibitionism}. No woman in her right mind would have been caught without panties and with her skirt up as often as Waity has. That does not compare to 19 year old Diana's lack of a slip in that one photo.  However, everyone in the world has seen all of Waity's private parts. Let's not say Waity Kate knew how to keep her legs together. Too many crotch shots have proved that wrong.


nonmember avatar lynn

kate is a total nut case, ten years of stalking for a ring and perks while flashing the whole world, which royal woman walks around without knickers, what has she added to the RF NOTHING only giving birth to her meal ticket! DIANA was fam,ous for her charitable heart, kate well her butt is famous!

Frances Williams

It is of course rediculous to suggest that Kate had to learn how to behave from watching Diana. Kate has a great deal of grace in her own right and her education will have prepared her for life.

I am absolutely sure that Kate admired Princess Diana (who didn't) and has a lot to thank her for, but to imply that Kate had to ie learn how to sit correctly etc.. is just insulting.

Kate has her own style, some similar to Princess Diana's, and has a magnetism in a similar way also.. Kate  is doing a great job, Prince William and Kate are a great team and strong because of it.

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