Jenelle Evans' Birth Announcement for Baby Kaiser Is Just Plain Weird

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans has been seriously busy recently, what with taking care of her newborn baby Kaiser, hitting the beach, breastfeeding, and driving us nutso by not posting any pictures of her new little bundle. Seriously, this girl went on national TV to document her teen pregnancy, is a selfie queen on social media, and now she won't post a single pic of her second-born son? Come on, we're dying over here, Jenelle!

One thing the Teen Mom 2 star has had time to do is tweet a birth announcement for Kai, but I gotta say it's leaving us a tad confused. I mean, it looks great, but the wording is somewhat awkward. Also we're trying to figure out why the heck Kaiser's birth announcement includes an MTV logo.

Hmmm ... is it just me, or does the reference to "Jenelle's son" strike anyone else as odd? Also, where is the reference to baby daddy Nathan Griffith? His last name made it in there, which is more than we can say for Jenelle. But is this baby already being considered as an MTV star just because he's the spawn of one?

Why not say something like "Kaiser Griffith -- born to Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith" or something like that? Oh yeah, because they had to make room for the MTV logo. I guess that answers the question of whether or not the birth was filmed for Teen Mom 2.

What do you think of Kaiser's birth announcement?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Alex

If you have watched any of the Teen Mom or 16 & Pregnant series, you would know that they make one of those announcements for ALL of the babies. Not just Kaiser. It just has their name, weight, and such. And they ALL have one!

nonmember avatar paige

It doesn't look like a personal birth announcement she made, looks like one MTV made for fans of the show and she is just sharing.. Hence the @MTV part.

nonmember avatar Sierra

I'm pretty sure mtv made that announcement and she just shared it

nonmember avatar Jen

Good grief. The poor girl can't even announce her son's birth without getting picked apart.

Alexia Marie

Why are you criticizing her for everything she does, you clearly need to find something better to write about with this Jon, because there is nothing weird about that, what would be weird if she wouldn't announce it at all, take a chill pill and stop writing trash about her.

nonmember avatar ann davis

Who cares what her sons birth announcement says..thats her choice.leave the poor girl alone!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar A

A fan made it for her......

nonmember avatar Theresa

MTV has done that for several that have appeared on 16 and pregnant.

nonmember avatar Mommyof3

FYI Janelle did NOT make this and a fan did NOT make this announcement!! MTV made this which us why there's the MTV logo!!! MTV makes one for all the babies and only puts the name of the baby, name of the mom and birthdate and weight! Stop trying to make a story outta nothing!!!

nonmember avatar Megan

Um have you ever thought that maybe she got this off of a MTV website or something. I'm sure she didn't make this herself. Some of these articles on here are just ridiculous leave the poor girl alone.

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