Signs Kim Kardashian’s Marriage to Kanye West Is Already Over

Kim KardashianCould Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kanye West end up being even shorter than her one to Kris Humphries? They've only been hitched for 46 days, but a report claims things are already "miserable." Hmmmm. What could cause such misery so soon? RadarOnline is claiming that it all started to fall apart on the honeymoon, when the two began to realize their basic incompatibilities.

A source told RadarOnline that Kim's dissatisfaction with married life began on the honeymoon, when she hated Ireland's damp weather and wasn't happy with the castle they checked into (the same one she and Kanye apparently stiffed to the tune of $20,000). An insider revealed:

Kim complained and sulked the entire time they were in Ireland on their honeymoon. She didn’t like the cooler damp climate, and the lack of high-end designer stores. Kanye tried to arrange tours of local museums, but she wanted nothing to do with it. Only Kim would go to Ireland and be bored, and go to two separate movies in the same day in a foreign country!

In fact, the honeymoon was supposedly such a massive #fail that the two picked up and went on a second honeymoon in Mexico shortly after returning from the first. Only this time, it was Kanye's turn to pout.

Kanye was miserable and brooding. He isn’t really the 'lounge by the pool' kind of guy. Kanye now recognizes that Kim’s main interest are shopping and lounging around a pool.

Well, this could be a sign that the two don't have much in common -- or it could be a sign that they're willing to compromise with his and hers honeymoons.

But the source continues that Kanye is concerned about Kim's lack of a desire to try new things. (Hey, I bet she'll try a new pool to lounge at!)

I've thought from day one that Kanye was way more sophisticated and cultured and (let's face it) intellectual than Kim -- and that he was going to be surprised when she didn't live up to his idea of the Renaissance woman. But this is Kim Kardashian! How could he not know what she's like?! He should have watched a KUWTK marathon before proposing.

Do you think they are already disillusioned with each other?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Nancy Callarman

Probably.Kim is very set in her ways and even her Husband won't be able to change that.


luvmy... luvmybubs

They dated for quite awhile how would a wedding make anything come to light. There is only one thing Kayne ever mentions when he talks about the "love if his life" and that is her looks and how they turn him on. As long as she diesnty mess up her face or her body he'll be fine.

kssomom kssomom

Maybe they should've lived together for atleast 2 years, 'cuz that's when you'll be able to see if you can actually live with each other and STAY "In Love"......  

Katie Burns

I dont believe this story at all. 

nonmember avatar sandy

Although the two had known each other for years prior to the wedding they are compatible in the worst way: both are interested in appearances, fame, and money, and those things are not the foundation for intimacy and strong bonds. Kim is obsessed with a fairy-tale ending, and Kanye is driven to rule the world! They live in two different "kingdoms!"

nonmember avatar Kristiana

I think they thought they could be together because they had been friends for years.

Ike Jones

Why did they marry?

Ana Suite

The marriage has been over since they started dating..she out and about, half naked, charging 500K for a date; & he just plain absent. AND NO, he is NOT intellectual.

nonmember avatar Norma

They will stay together! The fame slorring will continue on!

Michael Boye Marquaye

Every relationship has its ups and downs and Kim and Kanye are no exception, am very much sure they will get to understand each other very well, Yes they might come from a different background but once they love each other there is 99 percent guarantee that they will get used to each others desire and get on very well.Ill be very disappointed if it goes the other way round but i doubt it 100 percent.

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