Kendra Wilkinson to Become Next Tori Spelling As She Films Cheating Scandal

Kendra WilkinsonLooks like Tori Spelling may have started a reality show trend. Tori and husband Dean McDermott based their show True Tori on the volatile fallout after Dean was caught cheating. Now it appears that Hollywood's latest cheating victim, Kendra Wilkinson, will follow in Tori's footsteps by opening up her marriage pains to the camera.


RadarOnline reports that WE TV, which broadcasts Kendra's show Kendra on Top, is filming a third season throughout Kendra's marriage troubles, including an on-camera counseling session. A WE TV spokesperson told US Weekly:

We are currently in production on season three of Kendra on Top. And yes, we are covering her reality.

A source said that during the counseling session:

Kendra was crying and Hank was kind of being a jerk, looking very pissed. She was talking divorce.

Which of course brings us to the question as to whether all of this was staged for the cameras. Tori and Dean also faced doubt that their marriage troubles were real although Tori has always steadfastly denied making it up.

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It's hard to believe that Hank would agree to pretend to have a fling with a transsexual. If you were a guy with a reality show and everyone wanted you to get caught cheating for a plot point, wouldn't you be like, "Okay, let's call Angelina Jolie and see if she's up for it"? But then maybe Kendra and Hank wanted to up the ante. Dean gets caught with a 28-year-old nobody? Well, Hank will get caught with a transsexual. So there!

Maybe this making up a cheating scandal thing works -- haven't we all just decided we're going to totally watch Kendra on Top this season?!

But I tend to think IF this happened, it really happened. It's weird enough that it might have actually happened but just TOO BIZARRO if they're making it all up.

Do you think Kendra should film her marriage problems?


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