Marcus Grodd's Shocking Mugshot & Criminal History Revealed

Marcus GroddBachelorette finalist Marcus Grodd may seem like the perfect man ... but take away his chiseled abs, endearing personality, and insanely good looks, and what do you have? Jail time for two misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance. Yowza.

This actually happened back in 2010 and his slate has been wiped completely clean since then. But still, kind of unexpected coming from a man who says I love you on the first date and gets engaged within weeks of meeting someone. But I'm not going to hate on him for his past because, hello ... we all make mistakes and clearly he's learned from his. But get a load of his mugshot:

Check out sweet little Marcus!

So crazy, right? Just look at that face! Does that look like a face that deserves to be put in jail? I don't think so. That looks like a face that deserves to get the final rose (damn you, Andi).

But I'm glad he's moved on from that point in his life and can now focus on more important things. Like falling in love on television at rapid speed.

Are you surprised to hear that Marcus has a criminal history?

Image via Marcus Grodd/Facebook

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Ginnie Pallone Mollner

Lots of people have black marks on thier past. Unless its cold blooded murder....serail rapes or messing with children....I don't really care. Lots of people learn a lot from thir mistakes.Marcus seems pretty harmless to me these days.

Jan Gaughan Thompson

He is just the one that got caught, theyre are lots more like him that are just a little luckier.  Give the guy a brea.

Elsa Tamayo Kupratis

Are you serious. Your grandmother has those pills in her Medicine cabinet.

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