Farrah Abraham's Child Abuse Claims Are Extremely Confusing

farrah abraham selfie Seems there is no end in sight to Farrah Abraham divulging every last upsetting, unnerving, or controversial detail about herself. Right on the tail of saying that she approves of her daughter Sophia getting plastic surgery, she's making claims that both of her parents -- Michael Abraham and Debra Danielson -- were physically violent toward her. She tells InTouch, "[They] would beat me with a belt if I acted out." Apparently, she also suffered "cuts, bruises, welts, swelling, and scars" as a result.

While Debra did slap Farrah on Teen Mom and has yet to speak out about the accusations, Michael responded, "I did not abuse her and any discipline was just and fair."

As for Farrah's reaction?

My father has done other things, and I could tell you the day, I could tell you what he did, and I have moved on from those things. My dad's writing a book, maybe he'll be open in his book about that.

Hmm ... so she's moved on, but she's still talking about these disturbing experiences on a national platform? Seems a bit questionable. What's the motivation? Is it helping her truly heal and move past it, or is it just another ploy for money and exposure? 

Unfortunately, it's hard not to at least ask that question when it comes to Farrah. She surely hasn't been above putting her most private moments out there in exchange for another 15 minutes before ... Not to say that this latest confession isn't all sorts of heartbreaking and horrifying. It's just hard to understand what she's after. If it's inner peace, well, more power to her. If it's anything else, it's even more reason to tune out her next big confession.

Why do you think Farrah is talking about this now?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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Janet Minutolo

She's a pig. Anything for attention.

Sharon Lawson

I don't blame her Mother for slapping her face . she was down right rude and unappreciative after all of the help her Mother gave her i don't think i ever heard her say, Thank you.

Paike... Paikea1974

she's nothing but an attention whore. sorry for being blunt but if her parents were really that abusive as she claims then why on Earth would she even let her daughter be in the same room with them, let alone mind her child??

it's the same with Sophias father. in her episode of 16 and pregnant you see her at work in this call center and Derek keeps calling and texting her and she's ignoring his calls, being not very nice to him and then her mom says something like ' do not let him in your child's life, you're better off without him....' and Farah agrees but now she's crying buckets every time the camera's in her face??? 

just milking it....l feel for Dereks immidiate family to witness this every single time...

Debbie Wilson

She's a very dangerous girl and I feel sorry for anyone involved with her!

nonmember avatar texas 4evah

She should be ashamed. She's lieing, or why would she leave Sophia with him MOST of the time while she hangs out in the strip joints? And after everything he's done for her... Also I find it very strange that she recovered so quickly & miraculously from her multiple "rapes"....as soon as Vivvid sent her a warning to take a lie detector test or shut her trap! Such an insult to all those who have truly suffered from sexual assault. Ugh. Just a really disgusting person.

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