Scott Disick Reportedly Sucked On a Woman Toes While Out Partying

Kourtney Kardashian

Ever since Kourtney Kardashian became pregnant with her third child, we've been hearing a lot of gossip about the volatile state of her relationship with Scott Disick. Maybe three is just too much for Scott to handle? Maybe it's the party atmosphere of the Hamptons? Whatever it is, it seems not a day goes by without hearing something else about the supposed antics of Scott. But this rumor sounds worse than the rest.

Scott has always been a partier, but in general, he seems to stay respectful to Kourtney and not get too much flirt on in the clubs. But if this latest report is true, Scott is tossing the respect for his baby mama out the window.

First, Scott was supposedly partying at a hotel in the Hamptons when he began sucking the toes of a stripper named Cristal Lee Harper. Sucking the toes. To be honest, I could see Scott doing something like this as a joke.

Then Scott was at a Manhattan nightclub and supposedly turned and tried to make out with a girl who was standing near him. But she made a face and pushed him away -- and he was so drunk he didn't even notice.

If that rumor is true, it's a bit more serious. We all know drunken make-out seshs are the gateway to cheating. Well, we don't all know that, but it could be!

Supposedly, Scott and Kourt are getting marriage counseling from a pastor they were just photographed with in New York. Maybe they need to double their sessions?

If any of these rumors have even a whisper of truth to them, it sounds like baby number three has definitely got Scott freaking a bit and wanting to recapture some of his debauched youth.

Do you think Scott is out of control?


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MileyWHO MileyWHO

What will she do? Divorce him? Show him blank faces and no emotion? lol I don't blame him a bit.

nonmember avatar Court

Is anyone really surprised by this? She uses him to give her babies when she wants one. She treats him like trash and orders him around. She has no respect for him as a man, a father, or enough respect to become his wife. I'm not condoning cheating because my husband cheated on me and it's terrible and makes you feel worthless. But she is not blameless for their volatile relationship. The guy needs to cut her off!

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