Farrah Abraham Approves of Daughter Sophia Getting Plastic Surgery

Farrah AbrahamOh Farrah Abraham -- the gift that keeps on giving. It's obvious this Teen Mom star has some major issues, you know, given her porn star status (stop saying it's a sex tape -- if you're paid to have sex on screen, it's porn), fake boyfriends, and the myriad of plastic surgeries she's undergone.

Girlfriend doesn't seem to like herself very much, and unfortunately, it looks like she's setting up her 5-year-old daughter to suffer the same fate. Farrah can't seem to keep her mouth shut about how much she doesn't mind if Sophia gets plastic surgery. Not everybody needs or wants a chin implant, Farrah!

The reality star mentioned a few months ago that she would be fine with Sophia getting some work done ... down the road. She said she waited until she was 18, so whatevs Soph wants to do at that point is fine. She just wants her to feel good about herself, you know.

That's a nice sentiment, but what's a girl to do when her mom keeps telling her she can have plastic surgery someday? She's going to start looking for flaws.

Farrah's comments this time around are even more troubling, as she talks about plastic surgery being the cure for not liking the way your face looks in the mirror. "I would consistently look in the mirror and it was very sad," she reasoned about her own multiple procedures. "I mean, you don't want to hate your face when you're looking at yourself, so it's pretty sad."

When asked if she would let Sophia go under the knife, she responded, "If she's coming to me with a chronic issue, and staring at herself every day in the mirror for hours and hours on end, yes ... [I'd say] 'let's go consult somebody who's knowledgeable about this, let's figure out what is the safest and healthiest thing to do, and not go overboard with it."

Oh Honey ... if your beautiful little girl is staring at herself in self-loathing for hours on end, she needs a therapist, not a surgeon.

Do you think Farrah is empowering her little girl by continuing to make comments about how cool she is with her going under the knife to "fix" something she doesn't like about herself?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Mommax2

I think Farrah needs serious help... She is very nasty ugly inside and out... Poor Sophia has to grow up with a very bad role model. For starters take that pacifier away you are ruining your own daughter her teeth are messed up because allow her to walk around w a dang pacifier hanging out of her mouth. You shouldn't even be in the eye of the public you are a worthless nasty fowl mouth person. You are so disrespectful and a whore to boot. I think Sophia would be better of raised by your mother cause you are no kind of human being to raise any child it sucks her dad is gone cause you don't deserve that little girl. I need to correct myself you are not a human being you are worse then a animal. You are a disgrace.

nonmember avatar Audra

She is a nutcase. Somebody smack her!!

Ashley Lynn Simmons

Wow Mommax2. Seems like you have a case of the the snobs. Get over yourself.

nonmember avatar Shelli

im sorry but that is sooo freaking stupid. Shes setting her daughter up for failure...shes gonna hate her looks by the age 10...she is beautful the way she is now. no mom should be saying its ok for their daughter to get surgery on their face cauze they think their ugly. its your job to tell them their beautful the way they are and dont need to change. maybe she should step up and be a real mom to her daughter!!

Prett... Prettymotherof2

Well she just needs to listen to help she just doesn't wanna listen to anybody she's very stubborn she has some real issues she needs professional help I'm not gonna bad mouth her cause everybody has problems I don't know how she feels inside so I can't judge plus I am not perfect there are people that would probably tell me I'm a bad mother but at least I try and I go to therapy cause I realized I needed a little back up fighting my problems

nonmember avatar pam

good grief, these topics and the writer are stupid lately. itls basically saying that farrah feels like if her daughter comes to her later in life not happy with something about her looks she would then suggest for them to talk to a specialist. why isnt that good advice? i dont think shes suggesting now that she will find flaws or point out flaws in her daughter, just offer some options if shes not happy and 18. there are so many reasons to think this girl sucks as a parent; we cant take any and everything she says and twist it. she has a long list of problems. put some newsworthy topics on here

Darlene DeLong

she is a beautiful lil girl leasve her alone and as far as the mother she needs a pychologist she has some major issues


nonmember avatar Antigone

I hate my job, and feel a little better about it knowing at least I don't have to document the senseless drivel that comes out of this TeenMomPornStar's hose hole.

nonmember avatar nikki

Ill be praying for farrah and sofia. Its not our job to judge her. Its our job to pray for help for her.

nonmember avatar Tina

Oh I'm so happy she came from my town and makes us all look like jokes. Idk what went wrong on her little life but she needs help and someone needs to save that poor little girl before she is lost on it too

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