Kourtney Kardashian Makes Desperate Attempt to Save Relationship With Scott Disick

When it comes to her relationship with Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian has been hanging on to it with a string, and at this point in their lives, she might as well cut him loose.

According to reports, things are so bad between Kourtney and Scott that it looks as though the reality television star might be planning her future as a single mother to three children real soon.

What’s worse though is that Scott is acting like he could care less. But despite his unwillingness to change, Kourtney is not giving up just yet. She's using extreme tactics to make Scott change his destructive ways.

Apparently, Kourtney is fed up with Scott’s hard-partying ways so much that she’s enlisted the help of Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr., who also happened to officiate Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding in Italy back in May. The couple was recently seen hanging out with the Pastor during a stroll in the Meatpacking District in New York City. Kourtney is reportedly hoping he’ll help convince Scott to pull the plug on the clubbing so he could spend more time with his family at home.

Because isn’t that what a GROWN MAN with two children and one more on the way is supposed to do? 

While it seems as though their relationship is hopeless at this point, Kourtney’s new tactic with Wilkerson by her side might work. Not only is the hipster Pastor super popular with the Hollywood crowd, but he’s also gone to extreme lengths to get people to listen to him. He’s even eaten a cockroach in an effort to get people to come to his Tuesday night young adult program. And no, that is NOT a typo, my friends!

I’m hoping Pastor Wilkerson won’t have to eat any creepy bugs to get Scott to wake up and man up when it comes to his family. Hopefully his presence will help Scott realize that he’s being a self-absorbed tool who is letting the best thing in his life slip away from him. I mean, he hasn’t even put a ring on it yet, and despite all of his shenanigans, Kourtney has been by his side for years and has also gifted him the most beautiful family.

But if Scott is not willing to change, I wouldn’t be too worried about Kourtney. She’s got the entire Kardashian clan to help her raise her three children -- with or without Scott. If they can’t make things work, it will be Scott’s loss more than hers.

Do you think Pastor Wilkerson can help repair Kourtney and Scott’s relationship?

Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram



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MileyWHO MileyWHO

They are a beautiful family but he is a young handsome man who gets very little respect or emotions from his wife who refuses to marry him. I say run Scott run, have fun while you're young and find someone who really loves you. None of the Kardashian plastic people show feelings for anyone.

Dawn Dealmeida

The pastor can talk until he's blue in the face but it solely up 2 Scott whether he wants 2 change or not.. Nobody can make anybody do anything unless there 100%willing 2 want 2 change and know and admit they need 2 change.. Hopefully Scott will wake up and c the blessings he has with Kourtney.. He has a beautiful family and a blessed life.. Sometimes having all of that isn't enough.. Scott has 2 1st admit he's a screw up and b willing 2 fix it or he will b without his family.. Kourtney has 2 also stand her ground and stop allowing this unacceptable behavior 2 continue.. Never mind throwing him out one day and taking him back the next.. Mean what u say and follow thru cause if I was Scott and I was able 2 screw off as much as he with no real consequences y wouldn't I continue 2 do it.. No consequences then no change.. Kourtney needs 2 stand her ground and actually follow thru with what she says or nothing will change.. Yes it may b a very hard thing 2 do especially with 2 kids and one on the way but she's a strong woman I think and she just needs 2 show Scott how strong she really is and stand her ground or it'll always stay this way.. The pastor is nice 2 talk 2 scottbut its up 2 Scott at the end of the day..

Ellie Cooper

Scott has tried many time to put a ring on that finger so don't go there, I believe that Kourt just kept Scott on a 10 ft pole just to have kids why else would she not marry him but keep him around?

Julie Nolan

I really can't believe she's still with that tool!!!!! Kortney needs to kick his nonconforming ass out!!!!!! He shoulda put a ring on it a long time ago, she would be better off without him. She could do so much better then him, he treats her like dirt when he should be treating her like Gold!! I'm sure if she dumped him she wouldn't be lonely for very long. Kick him to the curb girl!!!!

Betty McIntosh

@MileyWho..no he shouldn't run out and have all the fun he can, he's about to be a father to a third child! Also this same website just posted pics of Scott's pics of him and Kourtney and say ing how "warm and fuzzy" he's become, so which is it?!

Kathy Seaton

i watched there show for some time now, i really think Scott really needs to face what he got, his loving family, and wake up, to see whats in front of him. spend more time with his family and stop thinking about him self so much, move on , cause hes got such a loving family who loves him. yes Kort, needs to tell him like it is shape up or ship out....

nonmember avatar desperatekourtn

Kourtney is just desperate and needs to leave him. But she is just an insecure desperate girl. He cheats, drinks too much and doesnt have any respect. And she keeps finding excuses. Scared nobody is willing to stay with her...I guess

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