Haunting Angelina Jolie Drug Video Reminds Us Who She Really Is

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie is nothing if not honest. The 39-year-old actress has been transparent about her "dark" past -- which she admits includes drug use and other "dangerous" things. So when a video recently resurfaced that shows the mother of six pacing the length of her New York City apartment in the late '90s reportedly strung out on heroin, no one should have been surprised -- or the least bit scandalized by it.

And the only person who should be ashamed by its existence is the person who let it "leak" and is trying to make money off of it.

The humanitarian, who has been praised for her work with refugees, appears in the video looking very gaunt and distracted. Her thin arms are scabbed and the always-elegant woman we now see scratches her arm with dirty fingernails. She's shown rambling on the phone with her father, Jon Voight, about her late mother, Marcheline, and her brother, James.

The video was reportedly shot with Angie's permission by Franklin Meyer, who spent time in jail for dealing drugs and says the actress often called him over to her apartment to supply her with heroin and cocaine.

One source says that AMI, the company that first released photos from this video, is moving its headquarters from Florida to New York City and let the video "leak" in order to gain publicity.

This footage of Angelina certainly isn't flattering, but I definitely don't see what all the fuss is about. When someone doesn't lie about her past, you find it more difficult to criticize her for it. What difference does it make if Angelina was troubled when she was a 20-something as long as she was ultimately able to pull herself up and put these dark times behind her? If anything, it makes us think even more highly of the star and makes her even more of a role model.

Does this video make you think differently of Angelina?


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Nothing new or surprising...didn't even watch the video...so I am not phased by it which in turns means I don't think differeently of Angelina.

nonmember avatar skipper

It doesn't change my opinion of her at all. We all have a past. It doesn't look like a drug den at all either, just a messy house/apartment.

nonmember avatar mary

Actually I didn't care. I did however started to watch it but was bored 1st few minutes. Some of us have a past n from that we learn to be a better person. Her accomplishments as she matured has made her respectable and a beautiful woman to look up to. It's what you accomplish in life not your past mistakes that make you.

Tigrl... Tigrlily07

Huge fart at 308. Just sayin. Lol that's about as "shocking" as it got for me.

lizilli lizilli

Shows how a person can turn their life into a meaningful and charitable existence.   I have never been a fan of her as a movie star or as tabloid fodder, but her humanitarian efforts are phenomenal.  The Daily Mail and the creep who released this crap are trying to undermine those efforts.  

nonmember avatar Really???

Really guys? Showing an almost 20 year old video of Angelina? She's already admitted to her past drug use and it is FAR behind her. Get over it

nonmember avatar Really?

PS. The headline that Angelina "reminds us of who she really is" is Disgusting. You really don't think that the 15ish years since this was taped, all her charity work, becoming an adoptive parent and biological mother, hasn't changed "who she really is?" Shame on you Lisa Fogerty. Go have a cosmo with Jennifer Aniston you bitter, jealous, trashmouthed hens. I don't expect this to get past Moderation, so just forwarding this to Lisa Fogerty would be Great. Thanks.

nonmember avatar YUP

What's up with the headline? It's misleading and judgemental, then (most) of the article defends her. I don't get it. Change the headline and get more respect for the article. You sank your own boat before I even got started reading.

badas... badaskmom

Never liked her and it wouldn't shock me is she was still doing it and cheating. The whole thing is weird. She knew he took the video, and okeyed it?

Karen Webster

She's showing concern for her family. Worried about her brother being able to purchase shoes. Being able to make his own purchases. I thought it was sweet. She's been honest about the drugs in her past. Frankly, this concern for her brother makes me like her more. "He could have Christmas at his house" She's being kind.

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