'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona Singer's Behavior Is Inexcusable

ramona singerOn Tuesday's episode of RHONY, the ladies were back in New York, where the drama was waiting for them with open arms. There was Sonja Morgan haphazardly telling Aviva Drescher that all the ladies did in Montana was talk crap about her -- being sure to add that Ramona Singer was the person who spear-headed the trash-talking sessions. Then there was Kristen Taekman's super uncomfy (typical) fight with her husband, Josh, where they can't agree on, well, anything and generally treat each other like crap. And finally, there was Ramona trying to call LuAnn de Lesseps out for not wanting to sing in public, saying it was because she didn't have her "auto-tune" available.

She may have been right, but damn, Ramona's attack on LuAnn was really mean and unnecessary. What the hell was her problem?

After the group got to an open mic club where Ramona's husband, Mario, was performing, Ramona started in on LuAnn -- really started in. Out of nowhere, Ramona just kept digging into LuAnn for not wanting to sing. At one point, she even said, "I heard Heather is better than you." It was weird, and whether you like LuAnn or not, it was impossible not to feel bad for her. Ramona was straight-up just being a mean girl.

Then, when Mario started singing, it clicked. Maybe Ramona was being so nasty to LuAnn because she was having problems at home? Ramona and Mario's issues are out in the open now, and if you knew about them, they were impossible not to think about when he was "serenading" her in the club and she was crying. Maybe Ramona was just lashing out at LuAnn because things in her relationship were beginning to go south? To be honest, that's really the only justifiable reason for her behavior.

Closing out the episode was Heather Thomson getting up and singing to the crowd. She had a pretty good voice and the crowd went wild for her -- not entirely surprising, being that, like Kristen said, she's pretty much good at everything.

I have to say, though, despite all the drama Tuesday night, I think my personal favorite part was when LuAnn and Jacques were getting their photo taken on a rock in the park with their dogs in crisp white shirts. Classic rich people move. Classic two-minute Bravo clip that has nothing to do with the show whatsoever.

Did you think Ramona's attack on LuAnn was out of line?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar Tp

I think it's pretty obvious that the reason Ramona and Sonja are being so bitchy to Luann is because they're trying to help her get her spot back on the show. They're pretending to have made nice with Aviva so that it gives her no drama or anyone to fight with, which will probably get her booted off the show. If Luann gets more drama in, then hopefully she's back in , and I think the ladies are friends with her truthfully.

nonmember avatar margaret

I think Ramona was out of line and glad to see Luann tell her several times to shut up she was so obnoxious more than usual.

Lisa Lornie

Totally out of line. I have lost all respect for Ramona this season.

nonmember avatar Jayne Micallef

Ramona is ALWAYS nasty, I can't believe she has any friends let alone a show

nonmember avatar bree

I can't believe that adults can take all this seriously. "grownups" acting like 13 year olds on TV are simply pathetic, as are their groupies.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

Drunk are typically over the top happy or mean. She has a severe drinking problem. I personally loved Heather's voice. Everyone came alive smiling and cheering while she was up there.

Kathy Kobilis

Yes, Ramona was extremely rude and out of line to treat Luann like that. I find Ramona to be obnoxious all the time though so it didn't surprise me.

nonmember avatar Laina

Mario was probably singing about his mistress not Ramona!

nonmember avatar artpopyas

Actually, Luann broke up with her boyfriend that night. And in the end, after heather sang (this wasn't shown on tv btw) Luann actually did sing. Also Luann may be cut from the show completely soon so she's probably stressed. Ramona is always so mean. she is the root of all their drama. but in the end, without her there would be no show

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