Kristen Stewart Chops Her Hair & Looks SO Different (PHOTO)

kristen stewartAre you sitting down? If you are, you might want to stand up for this one. Kristen Stewart cut her hair. And we're not just talking a run-of-the-mill 2-inch trim here, we're talking a major cut and color. The result? Sheer awesomeness.

Check out how hot Kristen looks with the new 'do she chic-ly debuted at Paris Fashion Week. We say oh la la!

kristen stewart

Major change here! KStew had dyed her trademark raven locks a bright red earlier on this year, but it seems like she lightened them up a bit, adding a little orangey hue, and as for the cut? It speaks for itself. Stewart now joins the ranks of Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lawrence, and other daring celebs who have reached for the scissors this year, forgoing their luxurious, flowing locks.

Is Kristen's hair a little, well, surprising? Yes. Does it embody what we've come to think of as "traditionally beautiful?" Nope. And that right there is what makes it so damn hot. Kristen -- who, let's face it, would look gorgeous with a shaved head -- seems to have a new sense of confidence (dare I say, swagger?) with her new cut, and that's what makes someone gorgeous. In the immortal words of TLC: You can buy your hair if it won't grow ... but if you can't look inside you ... [it'll] make you feel so damn unpretty.

Work it, Kristen. Love.

What do you think of Kristen's new 'do?


Image via Kristen Stewart/Instagram; Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

kristen stewart, twilight


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nonmember avatar Barbara Belcher

Kristen Love the new look! You deserve it!

Hannah Jude

I Love it , Kristen always looks good !! Love her !!

nonmember avatar 2cat

I wonder how she will do midnight sun she will probably have to wear a wig

nonmember avatar kelli bays

I think it looks amazing. very sexy Kirsten you rock it girl!!!!

Karen McClintock

looks cute but i still like the long locks best

Roha Zahid

she deserves to move on looks beautiful !!!!!

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