Andi Dorfman Accidentally Reveals Her Love for Josh Murray

andi dorfmanWe just saw Andi Dorfman visit the hometowns of her lucky final four guys on last night's Bachelorette, but it seems like there is one very particular front runner who's claimed Andi's heart. At least according to the Bachelorette's Instagram page.

Andi's never been too shy about posting behind the scenes pictures of her dates while filming, but the latest one seems so much more than just a date. Especially when you read what she has to say about the moment. Check it out for yourself:

She also posted a picture with Marcus (who sadly was eliminated last night) as well as pictures of Iowa and Wisconsin (Chris's and Nick's hometowns, respectively). But her snapshot of Josh Murray is so much different than the ones she shared of the other finalists.

She captioned it, "Trying to impress 'the other woman' in Tampa," so let's be real: she's putting on the moves to wow her future family. If Josh is the only man out of the final three of whom she's shared a really intimate picture, then hello, isn't that a sign? If she's already sharing a photo of him on her personal Instagram, chances are he'll be receiving the final rose.

Plus, if she were to share a photo from another date with a different remaining guy, that just wouldn't fly. So naturally, by my stellar deduction skills, Josh has to be the last man standing. At least by unwritten Instagram rules.

Guess we'll have to wait and find out if our predictions are true!

Do you think Andi just revealed her final pick?


Images via andi_dorfman/Instagram; andi_dorfman/Instagram

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Debbie Drake


Nancy Smith OSick

well by now most of us know who she picks, because of all the spoilers,,, he will beak her heart, it will never last in my opinin


Nancy Smith OSick

her final pick is a ho dog and he ill never be faiuthful to her

Catherine Dotson Beall

I think Andi & Josh look so cute together! I'll bet they will have the cutest kids! He would be my pick too!!!

nonmember avatar Crystal

I think they are very cute together! He obviously cares about her very much and i love there relationship cause it is very playful and i honestly think that they would last.They might have a couple of fights but what relationship doesn't,theres good times and bad time but thats what love is all about.I can defiently see he loves her because the way he looks at her,its the way all girls want to be looked at by a guy. And his family is very excepting and she seemed like she just fit in so perfectly!!!! Josh and andi <3

Suzanne Sams Nerkins

no its been obvious sense day one. they tried to hide it but didnt work. i am happy she picks josh

Ann Morris

Yes her final pick is josh!! She feels comfortable with him and they have a lot if fun together!!! He said he would get down on one knee and ask her to marry him!!!!

nonmember avatar bnice

I am sooo very happy she picks josh because their relationship was growing from beginning to the end. It was exciting to see that. I don't like nick because its obvious that he is in lala land.

Puri Shea

Josh is the one!

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