Kim Kardashian's New Mom Confession Will Totally Shock You

Kim KardashianEver since Kim Kardashian became a mom, people have been judging her. And given how much time Kim has spent away from baby North in the one year she's been on this planet, it's kind of understandable that moms who prefer to spend every breathing moment with their newborns would have something negative to say about Kim. Kim seems to be feeling the heat, because lately she's gone out of her way to let everyone know how much time she spends with little Nori. In fact, she would PREFER to be with her baby rather than globetrotting around the world. Ahem.

Kim told NBC's Closing Bell:

It could get tough after you have a baby. There [have been] so many times when I just didn't want to get up and work on something. I just wanted to be home with my baby, but for me, I think I can speak for my sisters, it makes us feel good when we are out working. You know, now that I'm married. I would so much rather spend time with my husband, my family, and my baby, than run around the world working for other people.

Hmm. Lots of times when you see Kim out, she's not exactly "working for other people." There was the months-long prep for her marriage, which saw her take several trips abroad without Nori. There were the two honeymoons, sans Nori. And of course we see her out all of the time, whether it's at a Kanye gig or a Khloe party. Let's face it, Kim has the option of leaving Nori any time she wants to because she has child care; most parents don't have that luxury.

But it would have been nice if Kim had just said she has every right to work, to be away from her husband and kids, and that no one is asking Kanye why he's doing a world tour when he just had a kid. It would have been nice if she'd just come out and said, "I'm a businesswoman and I am not going to give that up and screw you if you don't like it."

Instead, she makes it sound like "other people" are somehow forcing her to work. C'mon. Just own it, Kim.

Do you think Kim really prefers time at home to working?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Sophia Clark

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nonmember avatar Lucy Esperanza

To each its own stop worrying about KK life or how she raises her child. So she works and never there. Not your child to worry about people mind your own live your life let her explain to her daughter how she became famous off a sex tape now that's parenting if you can explain that with a straight face. When you have her money than you can comment other than that don't hate cause she has it leave her alone to do her life whatever way she wants to live raise her child and have a marriage. The world needs to butt out of her life its her life.

Sophia Clark

I always follow the plan from

Gianna Markolus

She spends way more time with North than typical working moms. People like to over exaggerate how much she's gone because they love to hate Kim. You see her out filming for a few hours which is her JOB that's it. Either people struggle to understand the concept of 24 hours in a day or don't care and want to slate her anyway. North will not be on the show or in front of the paparazzi because her husband is Kanye West. Simple as that.

hello... hellokd87

When she's endorsing other people's products & her own product lines, she DOES have to show up to these places. She signed contracts & has obligations. I myself am a working mom to a gorgeous 3.5 mo old baby boy & i had to go back to work after 6 wks. I want so badly to stay at hone with my baby but alas bills need to be paid.

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