Kate Middleton Is a Little Too Interested In Prince Harry’s Love Life

, prince harry, kate middleton, prince williamWhile we always knew that Kate Middleton and Prince Harry were rather close and chummy together, we didn’t think she’d be crossing the line with her brother-in-law LIKE THIS.

According to new reports, Middleton seems obsessed with Prince Harry’s love life so much so that she’s made it her mission to see him settled down with a woman he might or might not be in love with. 

And you just won’t believe who Middleton has been secretly talking to behind Prince Harry’s back, either.

Apparently, the Duchess wants Prince Harry to get back together with his ex, Cressida Bonas despite the fact that the two broke up earlier this year. She’s even been giving her “royal advice” on how to win Harry back by dressing proactively while "pub crawling" with male friends. A source tells British magazine Now:

“Kate has taken Cress under her wing and showed her the royal ropes. They really bonded and Kate was quite upset when she and Harry split as it reminded her of when she separated from William in 2007.”

“Back then, when she realized she wanted him back Kate slipped into her slinkiest outfits, went to William’s favorite night spots, got seen with other guys – and did everything she could to make her ex realize what he was missing. Now Cress is using the same tactic.”

I mean, if there’s anyone who could write an instruction manual on “How to Snag a Prince,” it would be Kate Middleton, right? Unfortunately for her though, she was ridiculed and mocked by the British press and even nicknamed “Waity Katie” for years while she was waiting for Prince William to propose to her. I mean, no woman - including Cressida Bonas - wants to look like she’s desperate to get married, right?

Unlike his brother, Prince Harry is in no hurry to get married or produce any royal heirs to the throne anytime soon. He’s obviously loving his life as a single man. If he wants to get back with Bonas, he doesn’t need his sister-in-law to meddle with his affairs. I’m sure plenty of his female fans from around the world would agree that the right woman will be there for him eventually. Plus, I don't think I've ever met a person with a pulse who hasn't agreed that Prince Harry is HOT. 

Do you think Kate Middleton should be playing Prince Harry’s royal matchmaker?

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nonmember avatar Duchessofbutt

kate is quite disgusting and l have no respect for her, being willy matresses for a decade, walking around without undies even after marriage, shes a tart who doesnt deserve the ring or the tittles, shes selfish, self absorbed and cares only about hersef!

nonmember avatar mary

I also don't like Kate. I feel she did all she could to bagged a prince . she doesn't even have any royal lineage or background like cressida . To be honestit has lessened that certain je ne sais quoi about royalty. Whence before I used to look at it like marrying a prince as like in fairytales where the girl is truly of noble background . It certainly had that atmosphere when princess Diana married Charles ( OK I'm not saying that just marry for show, but at least get someone aristocrat.) Now there is a comoner amongst the royals and it certainly less enchanting and dreamy . it is really disappointing that wiliam decided to marry so much less than her mom.

Amanda Indigo

I feel as though anyone who judges her or her tactics is a moron. How can you truly judge a person that is not in your life on a personal level? You call her trashy or what not, seems to me that you are jealous.

nonmember avatar lola

royal media spotlight is in a positive mode at present. someone close to the royals is biting them in the back. I have read the same report several times concerning the above article. cressida needs to be in the press.it benifits her career. have u noticed...when harry is out of town..cressida gets amped up with press. someone close,if not related, to them ...is trying to cause trouble. is it cressida who needs the press or a royal, who feels left out? if harry wants cressida,all he has to do is whistle......if this article is correct. kate has so much more to take care of.....then cressida bonas.

Denise Jones

Do not believe it for a moment.....And person above is correct ,there is somebody.body;s out to cause trouble,and those who slate kate come on ..she a lovely lady...and there both so much in love,u see harry doing his dutys u see cressida clubbing it ...come on wake up....As u noticed harry not bothered about her ..they are not suitedso what a royal back ground ...sorry if there not suited no good,now price willam,princess kare are ,just look at the queen and her husband... yes called LOVE 

nonmember avatar kia

cressidsa must have hired a good pr. firm.using kate as a concerned bf wll open doors in lala land.if harry wants cressida,he knows were she is at. using the royal connection is not cool. it wil open doors for her and get the press. she needs the connection to have the daily dose of media talking about her. chelsy made it on her own after the breakup.she was supportive of harry even years after and to this day. cressida needs to move on. make her career by using the talent she has going for her instead of the royal connection. harry is harry. women will come and go until the right one comes along . his cousins seem to be promoting lot of gossip media. they need to understand that harry know where cressida is at if he wants her but if he does not..go quiely away,cressida and quit dragging the royal into your drama.

waity... waitykate


LOL !!! Cressida, taking advice from WAITY ?  LOL.   What's the advice from Waity  ? Don't wear panties ?  Flash your stuff in public ? Be lazy ?  Stalk Harry ?  Stalk Harry and shack up with him ? Stalk Harry and wait up to 10 years while doing nothing except partying ? LOL.  Cressida doesn't need Waity and her "advice".

Sheri Couzens

They may be royalty,but they are also still a family,families stick together and help one another,everyone can speculate as much as you want about these people,truth is,you will never truly know what goes on behind closed doors...they are all still young,let them live their lives their way,prince harry will only ever settle down with the one person he chooses himself at the end of the day..none of this speculation means anything !

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