Amazing Tom Hanks Moment Captured by Most Unlikely Person Ever (VIDEO)

Tom HanksI was at a rodeo last weekend, and when one of the bulls got stubborn and refused to head back through the gate, the rodeo announcer joked over the microphone, "He's just like Justin Bieber, folks -- don't wanna go to the pen." He then announced that the gate was Canada and we weren't going to let Bieber back in, no sir. I'm thinking that when a crowd of rodeo fans is laughing at you (even the older people who were like, Oh, that Justin Beaver, he's no good), you've got a pretty major public opinion problem -- but Bieber just may have redeemed himself ever so slightly on Monday.

He didn't cure a fatal disease or even offer a heartfelt apology for being such a waste of food in recent years, but Bieber did post a delightful video of Tom Hanks wearing a yarmulke and dancing to "This Is How We Do It." It's so strangely cheering, I can almost forgive Justin Bieber for being ... well, you know: Justin Bieber.


If you're wondering how this magical moment came to be, apparently Scott Samuel "Scooter" Braun -- Justin's manager -- got hitched to the startlingly lovely (and awesome) Yael Cohen in Whistler this past weekend. It was a star-studded affair with attendees like Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, Ed Sheeran, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Sophia Bush, and Bieber serenaded the just-married couple with a rendition of "All You Need Is Love."

TMZ reports that during the reception, Carly Rae and Justin both sang "Call Me Maybe," which sounds extremely bleeeaaaaaaaarrrgh, but here's the important thing: at some point Tom Hanks donned a yarmulke and tallit and got down to the '90s Montell Jordan hit.

Check it out:

Now, here's the funny thing about perceptions -- if it was Justin Bieber wearing the traditional garb and dancing around, I bet we'd find it obnoxious as hell. (Frankly, even Bieber's description of the religious clothing as being "dressed like a rabbi" like it was a Halloween costume sounds ignorant.) But since it's Tom Hanks, it's impossible to believe he meant any offense. Instead, it's just a few seconds of pure awesome. That smile! Those raised arms! T.Hanks for this moment, Tom Hanks.

Do you find it hopeful that even a squeaky wet fart like Justin Bieber knows when he's in the presence of greatness?

Image via Tom Hanks/Twitter

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