Guess Who Is Getting Fired From the 'RHOC' Next? (VIDEO)

It's episode 12 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and not a moment too early to start thinking about tying up loose ends, getting ready for the reunion and working out who will stay with the show and who will be bounced. Personally, I see a lot of cast and producer help for Shannon and David Beador, and in today's exclusive episode I explain that as well as how Heather and Terry Dubrow were probably losing their minds at this point in the filming process. Also, the Ladies of London are back for episode 6 of their first season and I saw some shocking and HILARIOUS comparisons with Seasons 1 and 3 of the Real Housewives of New York City. Oh man....grab a beverage and join me after the jump for a bumpy ride!

In addition to her marriage drama, Shannon has a particular quality that is fantastic for reality television, and it has to do with listening. Not that she doesn't at's the WAY she listens. Her husband, for his part, brings his own special camera-loving behavior to the table and I break it all down for you in today's episode. Tamra Judge has very good reason to be worried at this point, as well, for reasons I'll explain.

Moving across the country and pond to London, my jaw was ON.THE.FLOOR. As someone who has personally lived through producer-suggested interviews and soundbites that get cut off or stitched together in, shall we say, interesting ways, I was fascinated by Marissa HermerJuliet Angus and Noelle Reno last night. I saw some direct comparisons to the first and third seasons of RHONY -- some things that happened to me as well as to others, and a few games cast members play whether they realize it or not. What am I talking about? There's the Hail Mary pass, and another fun game I like to call "What if I..." Hoo boy. Are you ready? Watch below!

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Which 'RHOC' star are you hoping doesn't return next season?


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Diana Stone Criss

I hope heather goes. Can't Stan the snotty bitch.

Lynette Fairbanks

Tamara is such a manipulater. She is trying to make Heather look bad and she just looks worse for her lying and maniputations. She is trying to make Heather look like the bad housewife not working for me. How about anyone else. Do you think Heather or Tamara  looks bad??

I love the Ladies of London! They don't offend me at all!

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

Enjoy your insights, Alex--for example, your comments about story lines sliding into a following season; or drinking.  


Best blog!

Caroline Burston

Love the insights you bring. You confrim some of the things I suspect...

nonmember avatar carol

PLEASE get rid of Bitchy and mean Heather, dumb as rocks and manish-looking Tamara, and oh so boring Lizzy. I am really done with this show.

nonmember avatar Sharon

Personally can't stand Tamera, she doesn't know how to be a friend. And shouldn't be trusted she's so fake! I would love to see her off the show.

nonmember avatar margaret

Think shanon is weird things she goes to try for health , etc. She needs to quit nit picking, bitching every chance she gets and to mention divorce to david otherwise one day he will walk.I think when tamara mentioned to heather about shanons marriage woes was not meant mean in any way butdid not honestly know she would repeat it.

nonmember avatar Cucs

VICKY, she is not funny or amusing and her storyline is boring, I don't care about Brianna or Brooks. She is ugly and dumb, her neurotic behavior is not endearing it's just plain rude and disgusting!

Tommy Valentino

Do you find Million Dollar Listing Miami as boring as I do? Is Miami cursed as far as reality shoes go? Miami Social didn't work, Real housewives of Miami is awful and I have to read about Ukraine and Syria while I'm half listening to Million Dollar Listing Miami. Are people in Miami just too happy to be interesting on reality television? Something about the Miami shows seems overly disingenuous.

Barbara Amplewomen

Brooks is repulsive!  It is fast forward whenever he appears just as it is with Aviva's dad!!!!!!!!!!

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