'True Blood's Joe Manganiello Is Dating an Actress He's Had a Crush on Forever (PHOTO)

Spoiler alert (sort of): True Blood hottie Joe Manganiello broke our hearts this week. No, not because of what happened to him on this week's episode -- and I'm not giving it away, I promise -- but because he is dating an actress who is perfect for him. This is a woman who is the epitome of the modern, funny, sexy actress. She is beyond gorgeous but simply too charismatic and down to earth to hate (as much as we'd like to).

Honestly, Angelina and Brad need to move over a foot because Joe and his new super-famous girlfriend are the hottest couple you've seen since ... well, Angie and Brad.

Ready for it? Joe has just started dating Modern Family's Sofia Vergara!

Joe, 37, met Sofia, 41, at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in May, but she was with then-fiance Nick Loeb, so Joe couldn't make a move. But according to his friends, the actor has been smitten with Sofia for some time and has been going the extra mile for her -- literally. Over the 4th of July weekend, he flew to Louisiana to hang out with her while she is filming Don't Mess With Texas.

And according to people who spotted the two hanging out around the city, Joe and Sofia were very affectionate with one another and were spotted kissing and hugging. Awwww!

I know this couple just got together, like, three seconds ago, but are they hot or what? I LOVE that, when he was interviewed for the "Hottest Bachelor" issue, Joe revealed in People magazine that he had a crush on Sofia but also said they were going to get him in trouble and that he doesn't "go after other people's women."

I bet he did quite the happy dance when he found out Sofia and Nick called off their engagement. Good luck to these two beautiful people. Just imagine what their babies would look like?!

What do you think of Joe and Sofia as a couple?

Images via Joe Manganiello/Instagram; Wireimage/Getty

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nonmember avatar sandy

Based solely on looks, this is a ridiculously, absurdly great couple! Honestly, they seem a bit like a cartoon caricature of physical ideals. And who knows? Both seem down to earth, kind, and with a real sense of humor. If they click, then it's anybody's guess when the wedding will be :-)

dblhlx dblhlx

Yuck. I cant stand sofia vergarra. (Sp?) From seeing her in interviews, she does NOT seem down to Earth. She seems extremely whiny, high maintenence, and just overall, a bitch. He could do SO much better

jaguar03 jaguar03

Only time will tell, he needs to get rid of that beard though :)

puggy... puggylove10

Jut imagining her pronounce his name cracks me up.

nonmember avatar Pam

They've met their perspective matches & wedding bells & amazing kids are next.

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