Andi Dorfman’s Ridiculously Low ‘Bachelorette’ Salary Will Surprise You

andi dorfmanGood thing Andi Dorfman is starring on The Bachelorette "for the right reasons," because she certainly isn't getting paid very much to do it. In fact, it seems that the Georgia lawyer is one of the lowest paid in recent years. And the disparity is HUGE. We are not talking about a few thousand dollars here, but hundreds of thousands of dollars less than those that came before her.

According to Life & Style, she's only making $50,000 this season. On the outset, it may sound like a lot of cash to live in a mansion, date 25 hot guys, and travel the world for romantic rendezvous. But wait until you hear what other Bachelorettes raked in.

Desiree Hartsock reportedly made $200,000 and Emily Maynard supposedly got $250,000 for her season 8 turn on the show. Even the guys pull in a lot more. Sean Lowe made somewhere between $75,000 and $90,000 for season 17 of The Bachelor.

Honestly, I can see why she makes so much less. Andi is far less interesting and dynamic than those previous stars. Clearly producers agree -- otherwise, they would be paying her more.

The source for the article also said that Andi has no intention on going back to her job as a lawyer once the show ends. "She wants to see where this takes her," said the friend. Oh boy! Looks like someone has been bitten by the fame bug! Makes us wonder if she is really in it for the right reasons after all.

Do you think Andi deserves so much less than Emily?


Image via ABC

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Linda Propes

I think they should all make the same

Sandra Blake

I agree, everyone should get the same amount.  No one is worth more than the other.  Regardless of what we think about each of them.

nonmember avatar Lola

I can see why emily made more but Desiree ? Andi has way more appeal than she did.

nonmember avatar jodi

They should all make the same amount!

nonmember avatar diane

everyone should make the same amount of money. hoping she will get rid of nick he looks scary

nonmember avatar Allison

I didn't even know they got paid!?!?!? Do the contestants get money based on how long they stay?

nonmember avatar Julia

They should all get the same amount its not fair for the other girls

Lindy Bazan

Do celebrities all get paid the same? No. Do all the players on professional sports teams get paid the same? No. She gets what she gets and no one should be upset.

nonmember avatar Juan

She's getting paid what she's worth. What a fame whore!! You could tell from the outset she hated her legal job and would never return to it. Hopefully, her 15 minutes of fame is down to a few seconds.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I actually know Andi and have to say out of all the blogs you have the most false information ALWAYS. You have zero sources and I know this for a FACt because you are 100% wrong EVERYTIME

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