‘True Blood’ Kills Off the Only Reason Many of Us Watch the Show (VIDEO)

true bloodTrue Blood has gifted fans with some of the most shocking scenes in TV history. Exploding vampires, a crazy-hot menage a trois, and much more. Though the ending of last night's episode may be the most surprising. The reason? The show killed off a fan favorite. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. STOP READING IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LATEST EPISODE!

We already lost Tara in the season premiere. And now it seems that Alcide has met his "true death." And guess whose fault it was? Sookie, of course. He was shot while trying to save his girlfriend, who went into the forest with ex Bill to lure that pack of crazed, Hep-V-ridden vampers out in the open.

Perhaps as a last gift to viewers, Alcide died naked "in the woods with nothing but my sock on," Joe Manganiello said. "Given Alcide's track record on the show, I was like, 'That's about right.'" It certainly lessened the blow of seeing him die.

In case you missed the episode, here is how it all went down. As Sookie and Bill awaited the Hep-V-infected gang of vampires, other castmembers were fighting for their lives against a herd of angry humans out to kill all the supernatural folks -- werewolves, fairies, shape-shifters, whoever. Mayor Sam Merlotte is forced to shift into a bird to escape. But when Jason, sheriff Andy Bellefleur, and do-gooder vampire Jessica encounter the mob, they aren't so lucky.

Jessica is shot by Hoyt Fortenberry's mother Maxine -- who is then quickly eviscerated by Violet (Jason's super-creepy and territorial vampire companion). Everyone is confused by the fact that Jessica isn't healing as quickly and easily as she normally does.

While all this is going on, Sookie is eventually found by the infected vampires. When Bill tries to help her, he is held back by chains of silver (and we all know the vampires are powerless against silver). And just when Bill is about to be staked, Sam and Alcide saved the day. Though it wouldn't be a happy ending. Alcide is suddenly and unexpectedly shot by two gun-toting members of that before-mentioned human mob.

As he lay dying, Jessica offers to turn him into a vampire but Sookie declines. He dies in her arms. Major bummer right? We will desperately miss those abs ... I mean Alcide.

Watch the heart-crushing moment:


Are you shocked that Alcide was killed off?


Image via HBO.com

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virgo... virgoariesmama

I'm saddened by the loss is fine Alcide just when Sookie is with the one I want her with they kill him I'll miss his abs and butt lol. Thank heavens for Magic Mike 2

Debbie Lehman Foreman

I really liked looking at the guys in True Blood and Alcide's abs were sure nice to look at and so were his arms and butt. I'm sad it's going off the air and I'm sad they are killing everyone so the show can't even come back like 24 did. Going to miss you Tara and Alcide.

TLVitale TLVitale

it's kind of a waste to make the whole "spoiler, stop reading!" Statement if you're going to put it right under a headline that says a fan favorite dies and put the headline right above a picture of exactly two people. It's pretty obvious they aren't killing the main character three episodes in...which leaves us making the likely assumption that the other person in the picture is the one who dies. Guys, you spoiled it. I didn't even read the blog until after I saw the episode but just scrolling past the headline paired with the picture, ruined it. Fail.

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