Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo of Dead Dog at Wild House Party (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus doesn't just go to parties and have a drink or two. Miley Cyrus goes to parties, smokes a joint (or so the rumor goes), grabs a few friends and a tattoo artist who just so happens to be at the bash, and convinces everyone to join her in getting matching tattoos to honor her dead dog, Floyd.

Only Miley could pull off something like this.

The actress and singer actually found a place left on her flesh that isn't already inked -- her left ribcage -- and got a tattoo of Floyd, her 3-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai that was killed by a coyote in April.

We know Miley was destroyed by the loss of her buddy, Floyd, and I empathize: losing a pet is heartbreaking -- you're losing a member of your family. And I believe immortalizing the pooch by tattooing his image on your body is kind of sweet.

But Miley does things in a Miley way -- which includes partying hard and posting lots of photos that make it seem like getting this tat is something some of her friends might just regret.

First, the tat itself:

Okay, it's a little DIY, but it's cute, I think. What's with the "Fwends" thing, I wonder?

Anyway. Here's where Miley had her tattoo placed:

It's in a cute spot -- kind of private, like she got the tattoo just for herself and anyone else who may get a chance to, uh, know her better.

And HERE's what happens when you roll with Miley at one of her parties ... you wake up the next morning with Floyd tattood across your side and then wonder if, 40 years from now, you'll remember why in the hell you agreed to do this to yourself:

I can only hope her buddies -- and, by the way, that's Wayne Coyne from the band Flaming Lips in the center of that sandwich -- have actually met Floyd. If not, they're gonna have a lot of explaining to do to their future grandkids.

Do you like Miley's new tattoo?


Images via Miley Cyrus/Instagram


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nonmember avatar Nksadfbkjsdbvja

For her being rich, I'd assume she would at least get a better artist. That's a tattoo I'd regret if it were a memorial.

feuer... feuerhardt636

What is with her toungue always sticking out like that she is disgusting!

Chalk... Chalkdustcoma

Why is her you tongue always out? Why? Why? I really want to know. It's ridiculous!

Reape... ReaperChick87

I'm surprised her tongue dint have a piercing. I have my tongue done and I don't stick my tongue out that much

nonmember avatar LovelyLyssa

I Don't Understand How People Can Be So Cruel In Their Judgment. She's A Normal Human Being Like You And Me. She Just Likes To Express Her Feelings & Creativity over The Top. But Who Dosent Half The Time, I Do. & Just Because She's Sticking Out Her Tongue That Automatically Makes her Disgusting. THAT'S sounds Pretty Stupid To Say. If You All Don't Like Miley Then Why Do You Bother To Take The Time Out Of Your Day To Read Articles About Her & Then Comment. It's Not Gonna Change Who She Is. & The Purpose For Her Tongue Sticking Out Is Because It's Her "Signature Move". Like Kiss With His Tongue Out. Or Does That Make Him Disgusting? Like John Cena With His Hand In His Face. Wow You People Need To Stop Judging Other people's Life. Live Your Own Life. It's Not LikeShes Ruining YYours. GET OVER IT!:)

nonmember avatar nubia

Lovelylyssa I agree with you if you don't like someone don't bother reading and posting about them. Everyone expresses themselves how they want to we all make our own choices or mistakes

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

"She found a part of her body that wasn't covered in ink already" ??? Lmfao what a stupid comment she doesn't even have that many tattoos for Petes sake get over it#

kysma... kysmama08

She's the biggest loon out there. Does she ever wear a bra?

Roger Griffith

Miley Cyrus Dead? Thank god this is a hoax! ...for fans: Miley vines VineSnap.NET

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