Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Share July 4th Pics & Closeup of Their Rings (PHOTO)

The first holiday you share as a new married couple is always special, isn't it? Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard got super lucky because the Fourth of July is one heck of a fun one and they get to call it their first official married holiday!

The 19 Kids and Counting star, who got hitched to Derick and had her very first kiss on June 21, seems to have gotten the hang of this whole smooching thing. Jill posted some sweet pictures on Instagram of her first Independence Day with her new hubby, which include one adorable kissy photo and an up-close and personal shot of their wedding rings.

Jill, 23, and Derick, 25, color coordinated in -- what else? -- red, white and blue as they appeared to be enjoying a day out at a backyard BBQ:

Oh ... my ... goodness -- cute! Are these two perfect for another, or what? They look so in love and, like I said, seem to have gotten over that kissing challenge with NO problem. Alongside this photo, Jill wrote: "Happy Independence Day! So grateful for our Godly founding fathers! #4thofjuly #jilldillard #derickdillard #independenceday #19kidsandcounting"

And then we got to enjoy this photo of their wedding/engagement rings, which Jill posted with the message, ""Chacos for the 4th!" #weddingrings #chacos #jilldillard #derickdillard #independenceday:"

I LOVE the simple elegance of Jill's sparkling diamond solitaire. She didn't go for anything too flashy, which wouldn't suit her personality. Also love the fact that their wedding bands are unadorned -- and his appears to be a darker, more masculine platinum.

Jill and Derick really seem to be enjoying their newlywed days and we can't wait to see more photos of them soaking up the summer sunshine and announcing her pregnancy. Oh, come on -- you know that's happening sooner rather than later, right?!

What do you think of Jill and Derick's Fourth of July pictures and of their wedding rings?


Images via Jill Dillard/Instagram




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nonmember avatar uhhhh

"Our godly founding fathers." Who puts that in a 4th of July message on the internet? Reminds of the people who think god is found in the constitution and anyone who doesn't believe in said "fact" is an unpatriotic satan worshipper.

nonmember avatar Becky

Well duh...

In God we trust

One nation under God

God is all over the founding of this country!

nonmember avatar Mom-o-2

Uhhh O...K...?

nonmember avatar Hmmm

If you don't like the Duggar's or their family.

Your time would be better spent elsewhere.

Save your breathe on something you actually like. Unless you like to live your life spitting nasty disdain like acid from your lips.

You must not live happy life. For that I will pray for you.

mrsary mrsary

They look alike!

Emma Graham

"One nation under God" was not in the pledge of allegiance until 1954 and "in God we trust" was not printed on money until 1956. Just saying. Not the founding father's ideas. Our original motto was "E pluribus Unum" - out of many, one.

Kelly Bach Render

Becky "In God We Trust" was LATER added to money it was NEVER originally there as well as "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance was never originally there either...was also later added. This nation was founded by people leaving their home land BECAUSE of religious persecution it was NOT founded on God. Many of the founding fathers were of many different religions and some were even Atheists. 

Tal0n Tal0n

. . .

The founding fathers were NOT godly. They're spinning so hard in their graves right now that the earth's orbit is in definite danger.

evlwife evlwife

I wish my boys could find a girlfriend who did not have a nasty past, like most of the teenage girls that are around these days.

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