Kim Kardashian's Throwback Picture Is Missing Something Very Important (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianOn Thursday, Kim Kardashian did one of her usual throwback photos, and fans couldn't help but notice that something about the pic was missing. Something really large and planet-like. That something would be her famous ass. In the photo, taken years ago, though it's unclear exactly when, Kim wears a pink shirt and pants and lies atop a white Range Rover. And I dare I say her ass looks normal sized?


Kim has always denied she had butt implants -- she even had her derriere X-rayed on KUWTK to prove there was nothing but flesh inside that famous bum. But rumors have persisted anyway. I mean, how could they not? That ass defies the laws of physics.

But after Kim posted this photo, the fans instantly noticed her pert but certainly not humongous backside.

- Pre butt implants.

- Before the butt injections...

- No ass.

It does look very different. She's even pushing her butt up in the air, and it still looks like a moon instead of Jupiter.

On the other hand, it could just be the angle. Perhaps this is just one of those rare photos that didn't quite capture her butt. Also, her tukus hadn't yet become famous, maybe she was trying to hide it with the angle. If this was a typical modeling shot, she'd want it to look as tiny as possible. Kim is the master of posing, so she probably knows how to de-accentuate her body parts as much as accentuate them. It's also possible that the old photo was retouched to give her a slimmer behind.

Now that is way more thought than I ever wanted to put into anyone's butt. But I do it for the greater good.

Do you think she had butt implants?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram and Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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