Sherri Shepherd Wants Nothing to Do with Her Baby

Former The View co-host Sherri Shepherd and soon-to-be-ex Lamar Sally are having one of the most acrimonious splits we've seen in awhile. And smack in the middle of it is a baby boy who hasn't even been born yet. The two hired a surrogate and used Lamar's sperm and a donor egg to conceive a child, but while the baby was busily forming in the surrogate's tummy, Sherri and Lamar's marriage was falling apart. Lamar has reportedly said he wants sole custody of the child -- but now Sherri is saying she wants nothing to do with the child at all.


TMZ sources report that Sherri believes that Lamar knew he was going to divorce her before the baby was born, and this was his way of wrangling huge child support payments out of her. But she wants the law to say she's not responsible for those, since she wants nothing to do with the child.

Lamar sources, however, say that Sherri was deeply involved in wanting to have a child via surrogate.

Wow, this is a really tricky question. Did Lamar actually go ahead and agree to conceiving a child via surrogate only to know he would get rid of Sherri and have her support the baby? If so, that's pretty diabolical. Not to mention that since Sherri was fired from The View, she won't be bringing home those fat paychecks anymore.

Or was this just a case of terribly bad timing? Plenty of marriages fall apart in the middle of a pregnancy.

Besides the baby, the one I really feel sorry for is the surrogate. Here she thought she was helping out a loving, committed couple realize their dream of having a child and completing their family -- now she has no idea where this baby is going to go! That's going to make the birth much more stressful. Not to mention having to hand the baby over to what sounds like will be a very acrimonious couple. If it were me, I'd tear up whatever contract they had and raise the kid myself.

Not sure what happened in this marriage, but it's a good reminder to take an honest account of your relationship before conceiving -- and don't fool yourself that a child will make everything better.

What would you do if you were the surrogate?

Image via SherriShepherd/Instagram

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