Beyonce's 'Rival' Mya Gets Death Threats & Comes Clean About Cheating With Jay Z

It's not a good week to be R&B star Mya. The singer, who performed the duet "Best of Me" with Jay Z, is discovering the hard way that Beyonce's fans are no joke: she's been receiving death threats from them after rumors have swirled all week that she is Queen Bey's hubby's long-time mistress.

The gossip -- which has been out there for some time now -- made headlines after the singer changed a lyric in one of her songs at her "On the Run" concert to suggest Jay Z has been unfaithful to her. Everyone pointed fingers at Mya, saying she and "Hova" have been a secret item for 11 years and that he even gives her money. Rather than sit back and ignore the vicious accusations, Mya tackled the rumor with the best response possible.

When an Instagram follower asked Mya if she was "Hova's chick," here's what she wrote back:

Never did, never was, never will ... I play second to no one, pay my own bills, have my own label, own management company, rely on God only and respect myself & marriage way too much for nonsense. False rumors are crafted for ratings & numbers.

I have yet to hear a decent fact that backs up this Mya/Jay Z claim and I'm not sure, given Jay Z's high profile, how the rapper would get away with cheating on Beyonce with another kind-of high profile singer. At some point, wouldn't someone have been able to grab a photo of them together -- sneaking into a hotel or one another's homes or whatever?

I'm not saying Jay Z didn't cheat on Beyonce -- who really knows the truth here. But it's pretty sad that super fans are giving Mya grief without knowing all of the details. And, anyway, how about blaming the man who took the marriage vow?

Do you believe Mya? Do you think Jay Z cheated on Beyonce?


Image via Beyonce/Instagram



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nonmember avatar France

False rumors are crafted for ratings & numbers. Period. Your right Mya, JZ and Beyonce are just trying to hype up their concert tour and get internet interest. As far as those fans git over it, beyonce is good she is not great and she is not God.

vegana vegana

I think he did, she responded like any woman that plays second to a man.

vegana vegana

Btw bitch, went are you trying to look like byonce? Miss "i don't play second to no one" huh??

C Joseph Fontenot

Are you guys hiring? Research is essential in good journalism. Best of Me was featuring Jadakiss and NOT Jay Z

twili... twilightsbella

I like mya. Beyonce is ghetto and so r her fans.

Virgi... VirginiaLatte

VirginiaLate I do not think he cheated on her. He is much too in love with a girl who is beautiful, loving and talente. Why hae a hamburger when he can hav filet mingon at home!

nonmember avatar Christina

C Joseph you need to do research. Mya and JayZ did a remix of Best of Me. Know your facts before you try to correct someone else.

Antwann Shellman Lyles

beyonce fans be going in for her i hope nobody ends up in jail over this smdh because they should know beyonce aint going to bail them out Want to save big money???? How big??? How about saving 10%-60% on auto/life/legal/health/vacation cost and at the same time making $100-$150 paid daily. THAT BIG! If you would like to save big and MAKE BIG MONEY AT THE SAME TIME watch my you tube videos
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Kozy Korner Katering

she wouldve been a better pic for him away...she's more reserve,laid back and not to mention older....

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