Rob Kardashian Hints at Another Kardashian Baby & It's Not Kourtney's

Khloe Kardashian Rob KardashianBy now we all know that Kourtney Kardashian's belly is full of baby number three. So who is going to be the next K kid to give Mama Kris a baby to cuddle? Here's a name that probably wasn't on the tip of your tongue: Rob Kardashian.

But maybe it should be! Baby bro Kardashian dropped a mysterious tweet about spending the July 4th holiday with his "son." Don't bother hitting up Rob's Twitter; he's already deleted the bizarro comment, but he followed it up with this equally strange comment: 

Er, way to spin the blame on that one, Rob!

Naturally everyone is wondering what the heck Rob is up to, but here's one theory: in typical baby brother fashion, he's feeling left out of the fold. Kourtney's on baby number three, Kim's got North West, and even Khloe may or may not be working on making French Montana a papa.

Can you blame him for getting a little broody?

Then again, who knows ... maybe there's some secret love child out there, and Rob's testing the waters to see how fans will react. With this family, one never knows!

What do you think Rob meant by his tweet about his "son?"



Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram


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sassy... sassykat122

Who knows but I got screenshots of the tweet before he deleted it

nonmember avatar Ap26

I'm sure he's talking about the son he's rumored to have had in high school ...

nonmember avatar Hanabee

There have been rumors for a long time that he had a son while in high school or just after. He's tweeted about it multiple times and those tweets have been picked up at the stir as well. You guys have no memory or you don't check history at all. I know this is a blog, but as a fellow journalist this is just lousy writing.

nonmember avatar Laurie F

Ummm French Montana is ALREADY a father. But people wouldn't know that cuz as soon as he made it big he left his wife/girlfriend and son for dead and can't be bothered with them now. What a great guy for Khloe....not.

nonmember avatar kay

Well I hope for the child's sake he doesn't have one how do you think that kid feels being nationally denied by his "father".... then again it's the stir and they rarely ever have anything accurate or interesting coming from these horrible journalists.

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