Megan Fox Gets Instagram & Reveals First 'Makeup-Free Selfie' (PHOTO)

It took actress Megan Fox a lot longer than most celebs to jump on the Instagram and Twitter bandwagon, but she finally did. And what do you suspect she did next? Ding ding ding! Yep, she posted her very first "makeup-free selfie!"

These pics have become a major rite of passage for beautiful famous women, haven't they? But the problem is they also open up the comment floodgate. What exactly does it mean to be "makeup-free?" Does it count if a filter is used? A little mascara okay? And what if the actress has had plastic surgery -- not that I'm saying Megan has -- is it fair to ooh and ahh over her "natural beauty" when she's had a little help from a scalpel?

Rev your critical engines because here's Megan and her splendid makeup-free selfie ...

The 28-year-old Transformers star and mom to two boys posted this photo of herself in a white robe with the caption: "First IG selfie. Early morning no makeup."


Look, I can see that her eyelashes are a little too long and perfect, so maybe this isn't a true "makeup-free" selfie. But Megan proves two things with this image that are undeniable: first, her skin is flawless. You can fake a lot of things, but good skin is NOT one of them. She's about to give her dermatologist quite a bit of publicity with this shot. And the second thing: holy eyebrows, are those gorgeous! The rest of your face can be completely bare, but if you have well-groomed brows, you can totally forego the lipstick.

I'm sure Megan haters are about to have a fit because, we hear, she may have had some work in the form of injections and fillers. But let's give her credit where it's due. Her features are beautiful and, more importantly, she has waited this long to splash her photos across every social media site in existence. There aren't many other beautiful women you can say that about.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to go easy on her!

What do you think of Megan's "makeup-free" selfie?


Images via Megan Fox Green/Instagram





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crick... cricketmk3

A fraud. Do not say you're make-up free when you're obviously not.

nonmember avatar Guest

I think it's a makeup free selfie. Eyelashes can be naturally long and curly. Mine are. People always envy my eyelashes for that reason. I didn't wear makeup for years and still hardly do so my eyelashes haven't been "flattened" by years of rubbing them with makeup removed. She looks good either way

nonmember avatar C

It's actually very easy to fake flawless skin. Even a photoshop amateur can fix any skin flaw in a matter of minutes. Bags, acne, skin tone, wrinkles... You can remove any imperfection and make it look completely natural.

ajelove ajelove

Nice picture, but definitely not make up free. Maybe she means professional makeup free. 

Ember... Emberbaby

She posted this picture yesterday clearly stating that she used a FILTER.  

mummy... mummyoftwins92

My daughter has long lashes!! Maybe she has eyelash extensions.. She had good skin yay for her maybe she just Ah maybe looks after it?? These posts are getting more stupider each one I read!

steph... steph0420

She looks like Kylie Minogue

nonmember avatar Prophit Jihad

Megan Fox had cosmetic surgeries before she took that so called "Makeup free selfie". What a shame. That face and body has Cosmetics from inside. I pity that poor woman. Yes, I am a man. I'm going to stay virgin for forever and I won't be marrying anyone.
Women like Megan Fox represents all the women from around the globe.

nonmember avatar Lynn

As a professional photographer I can tell you that using filters is a very easy way to make it look like you have flawless skin. Don't be fooled by what some claim is a 'natural' selfie.

Carrie Chang

um....PLASTIC SURGERYYY HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice eyebrow lift there...aren't you a bit young for that?

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