Beyonce's Response to Cheating Rumors Is Just What We Expected

Talk about mixed signals. Days after rumors exploded that Jay Z had cheated on his beautiful wife Beyonce, Queen Bey responded to the chatterings by doing what she usually does when things are in question -- posted on her website. Just in case you were wondering if Bey and Jay are still a happy little family, well, Bey wants you to know ... they are! Thus hre latest postings, two pics, one of her and her hubby holding Blue Ivy in what looks to be an art museum, and another of the two of them standing close while Blue sleeps in her mama's arms. Awww.

Of course, we've seen this behavior from Beyonce before. Shortly after Bey's sister, Solange, was caught on surveillance cam trying to beat the crapola out of her brother-in-law, Beyonce posted several photos of her and her sister and Jay Z all looking as happy and non-violent as could be. Nothing wrong here, the pics seemed to say, move along now.

Beyonce can't seem to make up her mind. On the one hand, she changed lyrics to a song called "Resentment" -- about being cheated on -- from "Been ridin' with you for six years," to "Been riding with you for 12 years," which happens to be the amount of time the two of them have been together. On the other, she puts up these pics. Seriously, Bey, which is it???

As was clearly hinted at in the surveillance cam video, all is not well in Bey's world -- but what exactly is happening, no one seems to know for sure.

For now, though, Beyonce wants us all to know that everything be cool. Are we buying it?

Do these pics seem fake to you?


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redK8... redK8blueSt8

Maybe she should have been more clear and just said "what happens or doesn't happen in my marriage is MY business. Not yours."??

nonmember avatar VinnyFree

OK ... "Resentment" I'm sure you have done the research by now and realize that Beyoncé has sang this song basically the same way in her live performances of it. The ONLY thing she's done is changed the date ..which would make sense; "Riding with you for 6 years ..." when she is singing a song about her feelings wouldn't make sense. It's called continuity! Every year it will probably advance. I think we probably need to stop reading so much into it ...or realize that Beyoncé MIGHT be doing a masterful job ...of trolling US!

Valda De Dieu

Since when are "cheating rumors" unique -- to Beyonce and Jay-Z -- as a couple in the public eye? Doesn't EVERY celebrity COUPLE at some point of another deal with gossip about infidelity?

So what's YOUR problem then? All I can say is, I feel sorry for anyone that Jay-Z is "cheating" must be a 'bump 'n' roll' of three minutes, tops... When Jay-Z and Beyonce are not touring, they're on vacation; when they're not vacationing, they're out together --either as a couple or a family; when they're not, they're at some function... and when that is not happening they're having all night sessions of sex a la "Drunk in Love." There's only 24 hours in a day.

So maybe you should EYE ROLL yourself. Because you apparently cannot count or use logic. And by the way...What SHOULD Beyonce have done in the elevator? Jump at her sister for her husband, or wrestled her husband for her sister? What ridiculous notion can you come up with that would have ended better than how it did? 

A family member got out of control. The security man handled it. Big sis left with little sis to make sure she got home alright.  Where's the problem? What would your dysfunctional brain have preferred to see?

The true eyeroll here is mine -- at the petty little minds that get to write idiocy, and call it an "article" -- and they really think they've accomplished something! Pathetic.

nonmember avatar George

Is that really them? That could be any couple strolling through a museum. I also find it unusual that no one is looking at them. kind of hard to believe not 1 set of eyeballs would be on them. I smell possible shenanigans.

nonmember avatar sexyred


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