Chelsea Houska Plans to Take Away Adam Lind’s Custody Rights

chelsea houska teen mom aubreeWe've seen Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska battle with her ex, and Aubree's dad, Adam Lind, since the beginning of the show. But now, after Adam's umpteenth arrest (seriously, how many have there been?), girl is taking legal action. Chelsea has just announced that she will work to take away Adam's visitation rights after he violated their custody agreement.

Ruh roh! That's not good news for Adam. Chelsea has always been protective over their daughter (and rightfully so!), and after Adam's latest arrest, she has upped her fight.

Apparently, Adam is not allowed to drive with Aubree in the car. And rightfully so. He's had plenty of speeding tickets, a total of three DUIs, and who can forget the inferno he caused with his car wreck earlier this year?

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But according to Chelsea, he hasn't been following orders:

Aubree will come home and say, ‘Daddy was driving with me.’ It makes me so mad. He doesn’t deserve visitation with our daughter if he keeps breaking the rules!”

Um. YES! If it clearly states that he is not allowed to drive with Aubree, then he is not allowed to drive with Aubree. There's no misinterpretation there. End of story. If he's not able to control himself when he drives, he should not be allowed to have a child in the car

We can't blame Chelsea for taking on this fight. She has to argue for her daughter's safety at the end of the day. And if Adam is not responsible enough to follow his agreement and understand the danger he's putting his daughter in, he cannot be surprised if his parenting is questioned.

Do you think Chelsea is right to take away Adam's visitation rights with Aubree?


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snick... snicks1227

I'm more horrified that he still has a license to drive. Most states would have taken it away for good

Samal... Samalama319

I just had to shake my head at the promo when he says duis have nothing to do with parenting. Having a DUI, of several in his case, shows complete lack of responsibility which, in turn, does have to do with parenting.

Sandee Turner Mauro

Yes - go Chelsea - fight for your daughter - she can't - Adam is a dipshit anyway!

nonmember avatar kellie

I can't believe he still has a license. Mind you that doesn't always stop people driving. Unfortunately it will probably take a serious accident or death for the wake up call he needs.

nonmember avatar Chelsea Fan

Adam doesn't have a license which is part of the reason Chelsea was able to have that listed as a condition of their visitation... Adam is an idiot if he honestly feels his actions have nothing to do with parenting... That little girl (both of them actually) see everything that goes on!

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