Jenelle Evans' Latest Breastfeeding Comment Might Offend You

Jenelle Evans

We were all pretty blown away by the news that Jenelle Evans is breastfeeding. None of us thought something like that would be important to her.

But apparently things are going quite smoothly as far as baby Kaiser latching on, as is evident from another tweet she shared today about her little man's appetite.

As you will see, he's definitely one hungry baby.

Yep. He loves "the boob."

But while some moms will probably chuckle over her comment, other so-called fans are pretty enraged. They think Jenelle has cheapened breastfeeding by calling it ... "the boob."

It's not like she's the first person to refer to it in that manner, but apparently some people assume everything that comes out of Jenelle's mouth (or Twitter feed) has some sort of negative connotation.

Check out a couple of the more colorful responses she received after posting the tweet.

Damn. Seriously?? (I can't believe someone called that baby a Kaiser roll. OMG.)

Good grief. Lighten up, people! Plenty of moms have referred to breastfeeding as "the boob" before in a totally lighthearted way, so why should Jenelle's comment be perceived as anything different?

Then again, maybe some folks just don't like the word "boob" and take offense to it for whatever reason? I guess there's always the chance that these haters would be equally as disgusted if someone other than Jenelle had made the comment. Actually, scratch that. It doesn't matter what Jenelle says -- she's always going to be torn to pieces.

Are you offended by what Jenelle said about breastfeeding?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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nonmember avatar krystian

Not offended at all.

People just want drama from her.

My friend who just gave birth last week said the same thing.

nonmember avatar Tiffany

Really People quit bashing her!! At least she's trying now!! You know she could have been like a few mothers I know & gave both her kids up & act like she don't even know them!! And Yes Kaiser Loves The Boob everyone lmao

Tiffany Celestia Tolle

wait a  minute wait a minute...there is like a breastfeeding movement going on right now. everyone is constantly posting photos of themselves breastfeeding talking about how important it is and all that...and people are getting offended bcuz she said "the boob" lol im no jenelle fan...but this shit is ridiculous!

Mama-... Mama-Bear-of-2

Those people that are complaining are way too sensitive and make drama out of nothing. Nothing she said was offensive. Only to rigid, narrow minded people. Jeez, people will complain about ANYTHING. At least she's breastfeeding!! Jeez. Lighten up people (the ones who were complaining about her tweet)!!! This world is so PC and sensitive now. Omg. It's a shame.

Laura Van Melle

Wow people are so stupid about this stuff. Just face it, breastfed babies love boobies. They're their source of food! Who cares if she said, "the boob"? People will do anything to bash this girl, and she isn't doing anything wrong by tweeting this.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

So she said boob I used to use that term when I was breast feeding my son ooooo what a crime just take care of your kid who cares what ppl think

mummy... mummyoftwins92

Watch out she said Boob!! How dare she use such language!! LOL people need to lighten up or find better things to do then bag on someone

Carolanne Shaw Leavitt

I refer to my breast as a boob all the time i love breast feeding and i think its sad that a momma cant get on twitter or facebook to check out family updates or whatever in there spare time how is it any of our business if you like her awesome if you dont keep your rude comments to yourself and quit acting like your in highschool and if you are in highschool get back to your extra curiculars youll never get into college and make something of yourself by sitting on the computer saying rude things about people you dont even know

Harley Abegayle

Lol good god, people will start drama over anything these days. I think its great that she's breastfeeding. And only a dumbass would get offended by someone calling her boob..a boob. Some people need to get a life.

Michelle Anaya

no I'm not offended because Jenelle called her breast the boob.
A lot of women refer to their breasts as the boobs so who cares if women refer to their breasts as the boobs.

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