Lucy Hale Spills '50 Shades' Movie Secrets While Dishing About Her Audition

Lucy HaleOne of the actresses who auditioned for the role of Ana Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey may have just dropped a big hint about how steamy the love scenes actually get! Lucy Hale chatted with MTV News this week and opened up about the casting process.

The 25-year-old Pretty Little Liars star was one of many ladies who threw her hat into the ring to play the lead in the movie version of E.L. James' runaway bestseller. The part eventually went to Dakota Johnson, but she and the other stars have been frustratingly close-lipped about exactly how raunchy the film is going to be.

But Lucy didn't have to sign a gag order! She said auditioning for the film was "uncomfortable," thanks to lines they gave her to read from the script.

In case you've been living under a rock, Fifty Shades of Grey's plot line revolves around the BDSM relationship between naive and virginal Anastasia Steele and the high-powered and "fifty shades of f***ed up" businessman Christian Grey.

Hale said, "It actually was just me [in the audition] ... it was a two-page monologue of exactly what you would think it would be." She continued, "Very uncomfortable ... but it was sort of one of those things where you just had to go for it or you're just gonna look lame -- hopefully, I didn't look lame."

What the heck did they want her to read that, as a professional actress, she found "uncomfortable"?

She admitted that she auditioned for the role because she wanted to play "something a little different" than her other work. She's best known for Pretty Little Liars, but she's also made appearances on How I Met Your Mother, CSI: Miami, and Private Practice

"I think any girl in my demographic would have loved to be a part of it," she added. "Mainly, I was just interested in doing something risky and doing something a little different than my character on PLL so it took me out of my comfort zone."

I'm thinking this is a pretty good indication that the movie stays pretty true to the book!

How raunchy do you think Fifty Shades is going to get?


Image via Lucy Hale/Instagram

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nonmember avatar krystian

She would've been,better then who they got now

nonmember avatar Rachelle

Lucy hale would have made a better Anna! I can't see the movie being that raunchy. I really think a lot of people are gonna be disappointed. To make the movie like the book and good it would have to be close to a porno. Which won't be the case so alot is gonna be skipped out or changed. We will see..... I loved the books but I'm not gonna waiste money to go to the thearter to see it. I'll wait till others see it and I hear their thoughts. Then maybe red box it.

Colleen Fowler

lucy looked more like Ana than Dakota.

nonmember avatar Kari

Sooooo much better. Dakota is nothing like Ana at all. Lucy is her to the t and is a great actress

Jacqueline Lozada

She would have been way better!! She looks more like Ana

nonmember avatar Tamara

Anybody would have been better! Yes her eyes make her a better fit

Pat Molina-Thompson

Lucy Hale would have been so much better. One of my choices was Zoey Deschanel, same look as Lucy! Lovely brunette with beautiful blue eyes, just as Ana has.

nonmember avatar Monique

She should have been Ana.

Laurie Wimmer

Lucy would of been a much better choice for the part of Ana. Think they picked the cast from the bottom of the barrel, got the worst.


Marisol Esparza-garcia

yes, this is what I had in mind while reading the book. Dakota doesn't look anything like Ana.

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