Chris Martin Ditches Vegetarian Diet Now That Gwyneth Paltrow Isn't Around

Chris MartinBack in 2005, Chris Martin was voted the World's Sexiest Vegetarian. But that title no longer fits, not because nine years passed and he is getting older. It's because he is no longer a vegetarian!

Yup, the newly single Martin confessed that he is back to eating meat following his conscious uncoupling with Gwyneth Paltrow.

What did he say?

Martin was on the BBC's Steve Wright in the Afternoon show the other day when the 37-year-old singer/songwriter made the announcement. The host asked him if, post-split-up, he was still a vegetarian. "Well, not really," Martin replied. This prompted Wright to ask, "What do you mean 'not really'?"

"Well, I eat meat," Martin answered. "I was vegetarian for quite a long time and then for various reasons I changed." Which must be code for "I no longer live with a die-hard vegetarian."

But this may be a temporary thing, a way to celebrate his freedom. "My daughter's vegetarian since she was born," he added. "So I keep getting tempted to go back. I don't eat very much meat."

He does have a logic to what kind of meat he will eat. "I felt like you should only eat something that you'd be able to kill," he said. "You know, could you kill a fish? I wouldn't like it, but I probably could, so I'll eat the fish. But a giraffe ..." Although this tells us nothing about whether he would kill a cow, pig, or cute little lamb.

It seems pretty apparent that Paltrow had a big impact on his diet during their marriage, enough that he would refrain from meat until their separation. Paltrow is famous for her strict diet. Last year she talked about her 20 years of being (mostly) vegetarian.

I hung out with Leonardo DiCaprio when I moved to New York. He was vegetarian, and he'd talk about how dirty meat is and how bad factory farming is. I haven't eaten red meat in 20 years, and although Leo's not totally responsible, he definitely planted a seed.

You have to wonder what other changes Chris Martin has made to his life since the big split. Is he spending more time in his native England? Is he spending less time with Gwyneth's A-list pals? Is he watching bad TV and spending hours on the couch? And the biggest question: Is he out and about and dating now?

As much as these celebrities attempt to live privately, news such as their eating habits has a tendency to get out.

Do you think he was just a vegetarian for his Gwyneth's sake?


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TiSecret CB

Why associate Chris' decision to stop being a vegetarian to Gwyneth. It could be interesting to know how many people stop being vegetarians. It seems to me that having a vegetarian diet when you like to eat meat may not be very easy.

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What is the point of following an enslaving diet where you have to completely stop enjoying delicious, healthy and lawful food?

Hannah Ann Smith

Hmm...I wonder why Gwyneth did a video a couple of years ago where she did a cooking lesson on how to make roasted chicken. She said in the video that she makes it for family formSunday dinner. Also, she has written several cookbooks that have meat recipes. Is she really a full out vegan or just a some time one?

MileyWHO MileyWHO

Eat, baby, eat. You're too thin and you are finally FREE.

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