Andi Dorfman Suitor Caught With Another 'Bachelor' Star (PHOTO)

Andi Dorfman

Things are really getting down to the wire on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, and with hometown dates approaching, she's getting serious with all of the remaining men.

Josh Murray, Nick Viall, Marcus Grodd, and Chris Soules are all valid contenders, so it's really anyone's guess as to who Andi will pick at the final rose ceremony.

However, it looks like we can probably go ahead and cross one of these dudes off the list as the winner, especially since a former Bachelor star basically confirmed he's NOT engaged to Andi.


Juan Pablo Galavis reject Kat Hurd shared a photo of her and Nick Viall on what appeared to be a double date of sorts in Chicago. That doesn't make any sense if he's planning on marrying Andi.

Of course, she must have immediately realized she'd spilled the beans after sharing the pic, because she deleted it right away. But luckily for us, social media is forever -- and another Twitter user managed to get a screenshot of the photo before she took it down.

Bam. Does Nick look like a dude who's nursing a broken heart? No ... no, he doesn't. He actually appears to be pretty happy about spending time with a gorgeous blonde like Kat, so it is probably safe to say that he is not Andi's final pick.

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And if he has possibly struck up a romance with Kat, odds are good he won't wind up landing the gig of being the next Bachelor either. (Whew. I really can't take his hair for another entire season.)

Based on who Andi kicks to the curb after hometown dates, it looks like we might be able to figure out the winner before the final rose ceremony rolls around.

Gah. Way to ruin all the fun, Kat. (Kidding.)

Do you think Nick is the right man for Andi?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar Angelia

No!!!! The guy acts like a total stalker and way to clingy I would run Andi

Judy A Jewell

No, not Nick. Love to see her with Chris, but I don't think she is farm wife material. Next would be Josh.

Arlene Hill

We all know thata she picked Josh!Nick was the runner up, I think!

Debbie Crooks

She looks like that shooter from Santa Barbara in this picture 

Carrie Boucher


Nick is not a good pick for Andy as he is a joke and such a fake

If he can't get along with the guys in the house that is a BIG sign.

He is a TOTAL loser and ugly needs a new hair due.

Not good to talk about people either when he was on the pane home.

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