Ryan Gosling Kind of Hated Rachel McAdams While Filming 'The Notebook' (VIDEO)

If there's one thing that sounds hotter than actually making out with Ryan Gosling, it would be igniting intense feelings of anger within him in the hopes that that would lead to making out with Ryan Gosling. Rachel McAdams is one smart girl. While filming The Notebook -- which celebrated its 10-year anniversary on June 25, if you can believe it -- the actress stirred up such hatred in Gosling that he actually wanted her kicked off the set.

Considering how they went on to date for four years, they might have been on to something with their whole hate-you-so-much-I-love-you passion.

In an interview with VH1, director Nick Cassavetes revealed that Rachel and Ryan did NOT get along while filming everybody's favorite romance. In fact, things got so bad that, at one point, Ryan called him over and -- in front of about 150 people -- said, "Would you take her out of here and bring in another actress to read off camera with me?"

The actor added, "I cant. I can't do it with her. I'm just not getting anything from this."

Cassavetes said he actually had to act like their marriage therapist and brought them into another room, where they yelled and screamed their heads off at each other.

Um, HOT.

After that, he says things got a little better and Ryan respected his co-star for "standing up for her character."

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Why do you suspect they didn't get along? It sounds like they were having creative differences but that they were eventually able to get past them. Could it be possible that Ryan didn't think Rachel was the "Allie" of his expectations?

It's difficult to believe there was a time when these two disliked one another because they did such an amazing job of showing love and passion in this film.

And, of course, they made the best couple EVER in real life and should totally hook up again and get married and have lots of little Ryan/Rachel babies.

Remember this emotional and heated fight scene from The Notebook? We may all view it with new eyes now that we know there was some real anger in them.

Why do you think Rachel and Ryan didn't get along while filming? What do you think of them as a couple?


Image via Pacific Coast News



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Wyatt... WyattsMom772

Passion baby. Cannot be denied.

elk571 elk571

I would absolutely believe it! The acting in that movie was awful which was such a shame since they're both good actors and I like them both, not to mention the book was AMAZING. Wouldn't surprise me at all then that they didn't like each other since it was pretty clear on screen that they didn't mesh and make it believable...

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