Jenelle Evans' Breastfeeding Plans May Surprise You

Jenelle Evans

Plenty of people have a definite beef with her because of her shady past, but it's obvious that Jenelle Evans has turned over a new leaf and has every intention of being a responsible parent. And while this may come as a surprise to some, Jenelle is breastfeeding baby Kaiser in an effort to give him the best possible start in life.

Yep. For whatever reason, I kind of figured breastfeeding wouldn't be her thing, but she seems totally into it based on a tweet she posted earlier today.

Man. I hear that. Those first couple days before your milk really starts flowing are pretty brutal, to say the least.

But since this is Jenelle and not any other mom on the planet, she's already being torn to pieces by haters for nursing Kaiser, all because she mentioned something about being excited to finally drink a Frappuccino again.

Some folks are automatically assuming she'll sit there chugging them back all while Kaiser is having his dinner, which is just plain preposterous.

(There is this little thing called pumping and dumping, you know.)

Shouldn't we be proud of her for wanting to give breastfeeding a shot? I'm sure if she opted to go the opposite route and tweeted something about feeding Kaiser formula, everyone would bash her for "poisoning" her baby or whatever.

Since it's clear that Jenelle can't win, she might as well continue to do what works for her as she gets used to having a newborn around. And if breastfeeding is one of her main goals? More power to her.

Are you surprised that Jenelle is breastfeeding?


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nonmember avatar Laura

Pump and dump after a frappucino?? What?!

nonmember avatar Olivia

It wouldn't be a big deal even if she did want to chug a frap while nursing. Caffeine is fine for most nursing babies, in moderation of course. And there is absolutely no reason to ever pump and dump.

Amanda Ferguson

Yeah that's ridiculous. You don't need to pump and dump after a frappucino. There's nothing wrong with having a bit of caffeine while pregnant or nursing.

nonmember avatar Mallory

Give me a break. You don't need to pump and dump after a frap. Up to 300 mg while pregnant or breastfeeding is perfectly fine. You guys need to get your facts straight, you're part of the problem.

nonmember avatar Pearl

That's insane! I drink coffee everyday and wine on occasion and do not pump and dump! Some people are so misinformed and need to do some research!

nonmember avatar Rach

Actually you shouldn't be drinking Caffeine while breastfeeding, babies can't process it through their systems, can cause major irritability and discomfort. Pump and dump! Good for her for breastfeeding! There is a list of what you can't eat and drink while nursing.

Amanda Turner

I was thinking the same thing..pump and dump after a frappucino?  terrible someone actually writes baseless crap like that.

Laura Hensley

Please do some research about breastfeeding and what its ok to eat/drink before posting an editorial. Consumption of Caffeine is no reason to pump and dump. for crying out loud you dont even need to pump and dump after a beer if you time it right.

Deidra Potapa

Caffeine in moderation while pregnant or nursing is fine. It does affect some babies but if you notice that you just cut it out of your diet just if you noticed your little one is affected by milk products. You don't automatically restrict your diet because of the possibility of problems.

maybe... maybebaby83

caffeine is FINE while breastfeeding!!!! No need to dump out liquid gold b/c of some caffeine!!!! As long as baby has no fussiness or gas issues from it then it's NO BIG DEAL!!!!!

No matter what this girl does people give her crap.

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