'Man Vs. Food' Star Adam Richman Learns Important Lesson -- Don't Be a Jerk

Adam RichmanThe Travel Channel star Adam Richman learned a very valuable (and potentially costly) lesson this week about the power of social media. He also learned something else he should have already known -- don't be a jerk.

The recently slimmed-down host of the cable show Man v. Food made a faux pas on Instagram, but instead of apologizing and moving on, he handled it in pretty much the worst way possible. He was offensive, disrespectful, and just downright cruel.

So what went down?

Richman has lost about 60 pounds after his hit show wrapped up its run. He posted a photo of his new body on Instagram using the tag #thinspiration. As it turns out (noted by XOJane writer Amber Sarah), that tag is used by pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia communities.

When an Instagram follower brought this misstep in tagging up to Richman, alerting him that the tag had negative and damaging connotations, Richman replied, "do I look like I give a f***?" and even told the critic, "grab a razor and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you." He also called the commenter the c-word. Yeah, he went there.

His reaction to the commenter went viral, and now he faces some pretty major consequences. Richman's upcoming show -- Man Finds Food -- has been "postponed indefinitely" by the Travel Channel.

He has since apologized, saying:

I've long since struggled with my body image and have worked very hard to achieve a healthy weight. Instead of responding to hurtful comments with compassion, I lashed out in anger. I'm not asking for sympathy, but rather understanding and forgiveness. I can say with certainty that I'm taking a deep look at myself and I'm incredibly sorry to everyone I've hurt.

But his apology comes way too late. The damage done to his career and his public persona is here to stay.

What is surprising is that he would publicly attack commenters in the first place. As a TV star, someone who does ads for family-friendly clients like Wal-Mart, he should really know better. With outbursts like this (and other notorious ones from Alec Baldwin for example), it seems like celebrities, whose careers depend on fans, should all be required to go through social media training. Most of all, though, they should just try not to be jerks.

Do you think that the potential cancellation of his show is too drastic?


Image via The Travel Channel



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Autum... Autumnleaves87

What a douche. I used to like him. Guess Travel Channel will have to hire someone else to stuff their faces for entertainment for the masses...

Autum... Autumnleaves87

"Thinspiration" has been used forever by the "pro ana" crowd, by the way. He's an idiot.

2baby... 2babymomma

I think if Paula Deen can have her show cancelled and cater ruined by something she said 30 years ago then it can certainly happen to him

Paws84 Paws84

People are way too sensitive. I don't think anything he said was wrong. He's lost a lot of weight and is just proud of himself, as well he should be. If you people have the time to worry about a stupid little thing like a hashtag, you've got too much time on your hands and you're too sensitive.  If you have nothing but negativity to say when something good happens in someone's life, don't comment at all and work on fixing why the hell you're so mad at people. I love Man vs Food and his new show didn't deserve to get cancelled.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Paws84.... You obviously didn't read the article. It wasn't the hashtag. Instead of me wasting my time by repeating what the author said, please re read the article, delete your dumb comment, then input your thoughts after you were enlightened. Thanks.

Craft... CraftyJenna

How come stars can commit real crimes, like Chris Brown repeatedly attacking people and putting them in the hospital and not only never face criminal charges, but have no dammage done to their fame, and then things like this happen, he got mad and made a stupid comment. Big fucking deal, if this is really something that makes you so upset or shocked or offended, maybe you need to retire from the internet, because there are way worse things out there. I think it would be a waste if his show was canceled over something so stupid. 

Alisha Haskett

Yeeeah, not the way to handle it. He should have just apologized and admitted that he had no idea what that hashtag was referring to. End of story.

nonmember avatar idk

Paws84 pretty sure you're being negative. Which makes you a hypocrite for posting a very negative reply. You obviously didn't take the time to read the article so that makes you a lazy hypocrite. Lastly, you complain that other people are too sensitive, but you end up blowing up at someone for pointing out that you didn't read the article. I guess that makes you a dumb lazy asshole hypocrite? I don't know, does that sound about right?

nonmember avatar sandy

Social media training for stars is a great idea, as it would be for everybody: It is way too easy to send out an impulsive message that in retrospect you regret. I think that is the case with Adam. He clearly is sensitive about his body and weight, and justifiably proud of his hard-won weight loss. I can easily understand why he took offense at being in any way associated with the unhealthy practices of anorexia and bulimia. That said, his immediate reaction and irate Instagram were extremely harsh and offensive. But I do think that he should be forgiven, and that his show should air: This is a blip on the radar of anyone's life, and I do believe that his apology is sincere, and that he will be much more mindful in the future. Good luck, Adam.

nonmember avatar Hello

I can see why the network pulled the plug on him.

But it is disturbing how so many people will demand a person's career and life's work be ruined because or an argument or an offensive word.

Isn't demanding the ruin of another, being a "jerk?" I think so.

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