Kailyn Lowry Shares Intimate Bedroom Selfie With Javi (PHOTO)


Kailyn Lowry Javi Marroquin

Apparently having a baby in the house hasn't put any sort of damper on her love life. At least that's what we can assume based on a new photo Kailyn Lowry shared of her and Javi Marroquin in bed together.

Well, at least it looks like they're lying down with what appear to be pillows in the background, so let's go ahead and call it a bedroom selfie. Kailyn captioned the shot with, "Cooolin at da crib."

But I think you'll agree that this photo is more on the "hot" side of the spectrum.

Kailyn Lowry Javi Marroquin

Huh. Don't they look like two lovesick kids who are about to ... well -- you know.

Hey, at least somebody isn't shy about showing off her adoration for her spouse. It can be pretty tough to keep things romantic with two little kids in the picture, so more power to Kailyn and Javi for making their relationship a priority.

They've definitely had their fair share of struggles and tough moments, but it really does look like they are more in love than ever. We can't blame Kailyn for wanting to share her happiness with the loyal fans who have always supported her. Isn't it great to see her so content?

Does this look like a bedroom selfie to you?


Images via kaillowry/Instagram; Twitter

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Mama-... Mama-Bear-of-2

Uhmm....I'm not sure how you're saying they're "about to--well--you know" (have sex) there's nothing 'sexy' about this picture. She's got her hair up on top of her head and she's wearing a sweatshirt....it looks like anyway....so yeah...so sexy, they're about to get busy! Wtf ever. Wow. Reaching for yet another story out of nothing! It looks like they are doing just like she said..."chilling" NOT like they're about to get their freak on! Jeez

KDA1202 KDA1202

Are you freakin' serious?? What a waste of time.

Mommy... Mommynwife26

Wow I was expecting them looking naked or her with a sheet on her chest or something. This looks like a normal selfie picture.

RVTMommy RVTMommy

Do you wear hoodies right before you... well... ya know?


sexym... sexymom37

WTH? Intimate? You act like they were both naked and getting ready to have sex. Have several seats. 

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