Jennifer Love Hewitt: The Mysterious Case of Her Joining 'Criminal Minds'

Jennifer Love HewittWith a baby born in late 2013, Jennifer Love Hewitt is a new mom and hopping onto a new show as well. Well actually it's an old show, but a new one for her.

Hewitt will join Criminal Minds after it has logged more than 200 episodes -- the former Ghost Whisperer is coming on board for the start of the 10th season.

Many wonder what her tenure on the show will include. Good question. But lucky for her (and you), we're on the case and we've got a party of five rock-solid predictions for Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds. Although it's the wrong cop show, cue the CHUNG CHUNG sound effect:

1. Her husband will appear at least once and maybe all the time

According to, Hewitt's Lifetime show The Client List is rumored to have been killed off in part because Hewitt was pushing for Brian Hallisay, her real-life fiance and father of her child, to play her character's baby daddy on the show. Will Hewitt be able to stand back and let Hallisay change diapers in the trailer this time? Doubt it.

2. Her character will be ultra wise and creepily insightful

Okay, so a friend of mine who is pregnant and addicted to the show wasn't thrilled to hear about this addition to the cast. This friend is a teacher who wishes to remain anon here, but she told me that because of pregnancy brain, she craves crime shows. She added, "I can figure out Law & Order and The Closer but I can't crack Criminal Minds. I know I'm smarter than Jennifer Love Hewitt. So what could she possibly contribute to the BAU?" OK here's the deal: Hewitt is a big celeb who is going to play an FBI agent with the Behavioral Analysis Unit. That means she'll get to look pretty and say really deep things that pretty much nail the case without all that boring fingerprinting, DNA, or actual cop-pounding-the-beat hard work stuff. Hewitt will have so much wisdom about the perps, we'll wonder if she's back talking to the dead.

3. Her character will be a salt-of-the-earth type

She's playing a woman named Katie Callahan -- that most certainly indicates the character will have an Irish working-class background that will attempt to soften her sexiness and make her a scrappy feisty type. Actually, are any female police detectives not scrappy and feisty? Anyone? Anyway, expect a story line about her tough-as-nails widowed mom or dad who will be crass but loving and played by a famous elderly actor who'd climb aboard The Love Boat for a cameo if it still set sail on the airwaves.

4. She'll get some famous buddies to make appearances and they'll die or be found guilty

Not in real life, but on cop shows there are certain storylines that can be counted on. Proudly Resents is a blog that just put out a hilarious list of "9 Cop Show Tropes." One of them is called, "(The Guy from) The Butler did it" and it translates to: The bigger the guest actor, the more likely they did it.

5. She'll give interviews about how hard it is to balance motherhood and career

Without mentioning the nanny, the ability to bring the baby on set, etc. Ah well, haters gonna hate.

What do you think of Jennifer Love Hewitt joining Criminal Minds? Will you watch?


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Jerry Danzig

Geez, this show has too large a cast as it is.  Are one or more of the current cast members leaving the show to make room for Hewitt?

nonmember avatar Vanessa

I am so disappointed by this casting choice... I can't even bear to imagine her being on Criminal Minds. The only thing she can offer to this show is a "know-it-all" attitude and low cut tops. Otherwise, this is a complete BUST on their part.

caleb... calebsmama12312

@Jerry Danzig It was implied that Blake was leaving in the season.

nonmember avatar Dee

I'm very disappointed that JLH has been added to the cast of Criminal Minds. I've watched the show since it began, but I won't be watching any more.
I simply cannot stand JLH's acting.
My guess is that this will be Criminal Mind's last season.

nonmember avatar lexy

No offense to her acting abilities, but Criminal Minds cast require more than just staring sadly with your mouth open... She just doesn't fit the cast or the tone of the series in any way. As a victim, maybe... we all know what she did last summer :).

nonmember avatar TVviewer

Give her a chance. I was glad when I saw that JLH was going to appear on Criminal Minds. I've often thought that she needed a really good role/lines, and this is it! Best wishes to her; I hope she knocks everyone's socks off with fabulous acting!

nonmember avatar Arlena Branecki

Hello there all,awesome to meet u and that i am new the following.

nonmember avatar aaron hotchner

Not a fan of jlh,she is best buds wi th exe producer.they are trying to push her in hard to the show/viewers.for me jlh ruined the episode.will it be to tough to kill her off?

nonmember avatar Areca

What a bad casting choice! JLH cannot act, and she does not fit in with the CM crew at all! Her character's snarky remarks are so off key and out of place. She fits in better on a talk show, or some lame comedy, not a serious crime drama. Why on earth, why did they do this? We don't need her comedy on the show. You might as well have casts Adam Sandler or some other chucklehead. Just because your script makes all the other characters accept her, does not make her acceptable. It's a very big case of "one of these things is not like the other". My hubby and I were watching Ep 1, and both like " who let her in, why is she on the plane, what is SHE doing there?" Are you trying to kill the show, or the producers bored? Why are you screwing up the show? Bad acting will be a distraction.

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