'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Kristen Taekman Crosses the Line in a HUGE Way!

kristen taekman Tonight on The Real Housewives of New York, the trip to Montana concluded with Kristen Taekman quietly losing her mind. I blame geo-caching. I also blame Ramona Singer -- because if there's a stank in Housewife-Land, Ramona is usually at least partly to blame (that's right, y'all, my gloves are coming off). The only person I don't blame is the person Kristen has decided is the source of all her woe: Heather Thomson.

I get that Kristen felt stressed out and bullied and weepy. I would too if I had to travel with the Housewives (of any franchise) all the way to wilds of Mantana (not a typo). But the way she went after Heather at dinner was insane. It's one thing to bitchily say that your friend is being bossy. It's another to say that she controls her husband! That was a shot below the belt and Heather made that perfectly clear. She deserved an apology, and she didn't really get one. If I was Heather, I'd be furious. I'd also have fabulous hair. 

Even though Kristen was hanging out with people making unreasonable demands on her, that was no reason to go after Heather. I kind of get why it happened. In those situations, it's almost always easier to go after your best friend rather than direct your aggression toward the sex-crazed senior citizen and the clearly deranged wine maven. It's not about not understanding Kristen's motives, it's about how she handled herself afterward.

She kept saying that Heather's friendship meant so much to her. You could never have guessed that was true based on "the apology" she gave to Heather. Rather than screeching and STILL insisting that Heather was bossy and trying to make her feel guilty for not realizing that Kristen was having a bad day, she should have simply said, "I'm sorry." Heather's known Kristen long enough not to expect this from her. She was a bigger woman than I and let it all go. So all is well in the kingdom -- for now.

In closing: Who else here feels like they've seen Sonja's nipples more often than their own?

Did you think Kristen was right about Heather?


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youth... youthfulsoul

Kristen was way over the line. Her point was invalid and who cares if no one but her wanted to go geo caching. She really needs to get over it, instead of ruining everyone's trip with her constant melt downs. 

MileyWHO MileyWHO

Sonja is humiliating herself chasing every waiter, chef or young man who is unfortunate enough to be in her presence. I gag and wonder what the heck is she doing? Does she really think she's desirable?

Angel Palumbo

I dvr'd last night but about Sonja comments above... I often wonder why she goes after all the young boys myself.. Do they want a used up 50yr old that has been with ever tom,dick and harry!!? I don't know maybe I am missing something...What does her daughter that they never show think of her? She is humiliating the ''Morgan" Name. I always thought she was more classy than that esp when she first joined the group... I'm starting to think otherwise~

Elisabeth Shannon Williamson

Yes she was over the line... she can also whine and a crybaby. Get over yourself woman! you could be just as strong willed as the other women, but you wan to blame instead of taking responsibility!

Louise Cardillo

Kristen is really a shrill b.....! She was so many times prior to the row with Heather. But, she was totally out of line going after a spouse. Unforgivable to me! Kristen you are the one with the bad husband and Heather was right that you were projecting.

nonmember avatar Olivia Johnson

Kristen is obviously jealous of Heather! She keeps trying to compete with her for athletic things! Kristen realize that Heather is athletic & smart and youre pretty! Stop being so insecure! You both have things to bring to the table! Kristen never liked Heather. You could tell from the mud run... She better stop because her modeling career is over and her husband has deals with Heather. He's already a scumbag! If she ruins his deal, he'll kick her to the curb as fast as you can say "what!" ( I take Heather's side because Kristen obviously has deeper issues she needs to deal with! I mean all the crying...! But it's none of my business though :D)

Linda Rizio Boyle

Heather is the most real of all the Housewives out there.  The woman has her act together and eventually, Kristen will find out what her little tirade cost her, beause Heather doesn't suffer fools.  I wonder what the attraction was to having Kristen on the show? She really has nothing to offer.  She is completely self absorbed.  Every time she opens her mouth she proves how "pretty" she really is.

nonmember avatar angie

I think Kristen is a cry baby trouble making looking for gossip kind of gal. Can't STAND her. How did she get on there anyway.

nonmember avatar Ann. Gray

Sonja and Ramona are well past there sell buy date. It is time for both of them to bow out gracefully

Nina Cullari

Anyone want to sign a petition to get Ramona off the air?

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