Chris Soules' Shady Past Could Break Andi Dorfman's Heart

Andi Dorfman Chris Soules

While there are many perks that go along with signing up to be on a reality TV show (you know, the whole fame bit) -- there's definitely a downside too. One of Andi Dorfman's suitors is learning that the hard way this week.

Before I go any further, I'd like to apologize in advance for being a total buzz kill -- because what you're about to hear about one of the front runners on the show might change your opinion of him forever.

According to RadarOnline, Chris Soules has a history of alcohol-related arrests -- and even wound up in jail at one point.

I know ... total shocker.

I mean, out of all of Andi's remaining dudes, I would've pegged Nick Viall for the boozer ... not the sweet, hunky farmer from Iowa!

But apparently life can get a bit boring in the cornfields, because Chris allegedly has a whole host of charges on his rap sheet, including underage drinking, speeding, and drunk driving.

And while he appears to have cleaned up his act and hasn't been in trouble with the law for a number of years, this should probably serve as a bit of a red flag for Andi if he's the guy she winds up picking in the end.

Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, as we all made stupid decisions in our younger days. But the fact that Andi is (or should I say was?) an attorney might not exactly mesh well with a man who has kind of a shady past, especially since she seems to pride herself on being true to who she is.

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Man. Chris is one of those guys who shows up on The Bachelorette and makes you go, "Why in the hell is he still single?!?"

And I guess now we know the answer, as it seems he has a hidden bad boy streak he isn't willing to show on camera.

Damn. How's that old saying go? When something seems too good to be true, it's because it probably is? (See? Told you this was a serious buzz kill.)

Are you surprised that Chris has a shady past?


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Jacee... Jacee2348

A few crappy drinking charges FROM HIS YOUTH does not make a man shady. Young & careless, yes. Shady, no. Had those been from his recent days as an adult, totally different story. In my opinion, this here is a non-story. Blah, Blah, Blah...

nonmember avatar Lisa

Everyone has a history. People make mistakes (especially youngsters) get over it already.

nonmember avatar JJ

I agree! Past is past and he is just trying to find love as well! Nick is superficial! Too bad she can't see through that. Chris hope u our the next bachelor, bud! #funtimesonthefarm!

nonmember avatar Tdifor

Get the info correct. You stated in the beginning of this story that "Nick Viall" for the boozer..... Well who is it, the shadey Nick or Chris? I love Chris and really you should get your proofers looking into things before you bad mouth anyone.

nonmember avatar mary

Seriously....he is 32 and all these things happened when he was a teen...who hasn't had a drink before officially turning 21, and even with this insignificant detail, he is STILL the best of the four...give me a break!

Kara Buzynski Happel

Speeding and under age drinking makes someone "shady"? Not even close. What planet are you people from? Chris, dont listen to this crap these people are idiots. 

Denise Edwards

Seriuosly.... SO WHAT... he was young & stupid drinking/driving getting himself into trouble! How many people have & got a way with it.......... now he's older and I would say GREW up..... Not something to hold against him..... give me a break!! He still my top 2 pick!!


Pat Kashow Sickel

People just like to start trouble!!! This happened years ago when he was a dumb young kid!!!! We all did stupid things as kids!!!!! This is plain crazy!!!

Carrie Boucher

You know everyone has a past history

Either abuse drinking as a minor- so who hasn't drank under age

Also who's hasn't drank when driving just didn't get caught

He has changed and needs a women in his life to support him.Trust me if Chris has Andy he will straighten up,as she is a lawyer and no free passes from her.

Whoever she picks,I hope all works out,as she does deserve someone to share her life with.I really like Andy and she is a educated women which threaten a lot of men.They do not like that a woman is smarter then them...You go girl

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