'RHOC' Star Proves She's the Rudest Houseguest Ever (VIDEO)

Last night's reality television viewing was all about ungracious houseguests. From Mexico on The Real Housewives of Orange County to Dorset, England and the Ladies of London, the OMG moments kept coming as reality stars Shannon BeadorNoelle Reno, and Juliet Angus showed us over and over how NOT to behave when visiting for the weekend.

I'm continually amused by Orange County Housewife Shannon's sour disposition and flakiness, but even she hit a low that I didn't think was possible this week. She misremembered details of her latest controversy with Heather Dubrow, fought and argued with husband David Beador, whined about the accommodations at cast mate Vicki Gunvalson's Puerta Vallarta beach condo, AND left the table about 100 times during dinner. BUT ... I have a theory about her craziness this week -- watch today's exclusive video below to find out what!

Speaking of leaving the table, that happened over in England as well with the Ladies of London during a house party in Dorset at the estate of supporting cast member Julie, Viscountess of Hinchingbrooke. There were many, many a faux pas committed that weekend, including the right and wrong way to find the restroom, how to correctly communicate dietary requirements, and the WORST, most AWFUL thing you can do as a houseguest. Think you know what that might be? Watch to find out!

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Do you think Shannon's behavior was out of line?


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Polye... PolyesterGerbil

Nice to be reminded that just because someone claims to be a truth-teller (aka "keepin' it real"), it doesn't mean that she shouldn't keep her mouth shut.  Bethenny Frankel and Brandi Glanville share Exhibit A.

nonmember avatar Daniella

Her attitude at the condo was horrible.. From the moment she walked it all she did was complain.. Oh my goodness someone is inviting you to stay with then, enjoy their company and have fun.. Quit complaining about how small the bed and room is.. Enjoy the scenery it was beautiful outside..

MileyWHO MileyWHO

Shannon wins the title of the year for Miss Let's Suck the Fun out of Life" Either drunk and loud or trembly voice pleading for God only knows what, to 'I WANT ATTENTION SO I WILL START A FIGHT THEN CRY AND RUN." and wonder why my husband leaves me. She is a contradiction in everything and needs mental help immediately!

Diana Guenzler

Shannon, you've got to be the neediest housewife out there! You are a cronic complainer about everything and you over dramatize events until you can hardly recognize the truth! You are the eternal victim! You put your marital wowes out there on National TV and you don't want to be judged for it??? What show did you sign up for???

nonmember avatar Joy

Shannon needs medication. She's kind of scary with all her complaints and whining. She complains that Heather told people about her husband's email to her, but she tells everyone she comes in contact with that things are not good with her marriage. Shannon is very annoying.

nonmember avatar miamorphos

Yes, her behavior was a little goofy. But I love Shannon! She has the right mix of vulnerability and chutzpah. She's intense. I admire her.

nonmember avatar marge

Yes I thought Shannon was out of line and rude, but not nearly as rude as Ramona has been about any trip she has gone on this season. I remember acting that way once when I was 18. Cant either of them go with the flow. RIDICULOUS

nonmember avatar KN207

Are the talking head reactions always accurately placed? For example, when a housewife is rolling her eyes or sighing, will the producers put that anywhere they choose, or is it always placed in the response to the scene they are sighing at?

nonmember avatar Pam

Heather didn't want to talk to Shannon about the situation with her kids in the other room, who might hear, but she can re-tell it to her nanny right in front of them!

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