Kendra Wilkinson's Violent Reaction to Hank's Cheating Is Telling

Kendra WilkinsonSomewhere in the bowels of the Los Angeles sewer system, an alligator just scored a nice wedding ring. Rumors have been aswirl that Kendra Wilkinson's marriage to Hank Baskett has hit, shall we say, a bit of a rough patch. Hank supposedly cheated with a transsexual model named Ava Sabrina London while Kendra was eight months pregnant. US Weekly claims that Kendra went batshit after learning of Hank's (alleged) two-timing and threw her wedding ring down the toilet.

US Weekly says that at first Kendra laughed off somewhat preposterous reports of Hank cheating with a transsexual model (so not Hank's type), but when he didn't rush to clear his name, Kendra began snooping around and found a "damning" charge on his credit card. No word on what the charge is exactly. But always follow the money, ladies.

Kendra was reportedly so rip-roaring mad over Hank's (alleged) betrayal that she punched holes in the wall, threw their wedding photos into the pool, and tossed her wedding ring down the toilet. Presumably, she flushed.

All of this is in stark contrast to Tori Spelling, who had to get into therapy to even be able to tell Dean McDermott that she was angry with him. Though Tori did get the last laugh by making him star in a cringe-inducingly embarrassing reality show.

Sources say that a divorce could be in the cards for Hank and Kendra, which is really sad, given that she just gave birth to their second baby, a girl they named Alijah.

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Kendra and Hank seemed so happy just weeks ago. Could it all really be over? Should she try to forgive a one-time betrayal? Was it one-time? Was it any time? Did it even freaking happen? Did Kendra toss the wedding band but keep the two-and-a-quarter-carat princess-cut diamond mounted with 60 diamonds on 18-carat white gold engagement ring? (That would be smart. It's good to make a point, but let's not get crazy.)

Neither has commented on the reports, but perhaps their silence is saying it all.

Kendra, say something!!!

Do you think Kendra should kick him to the curb or be more understanding like Tori passive-aggressively was?


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nonmember avatar MrsClark87

I cant say what kendra shoukd do, but if it was me I would have to kick him to the curb. Cheating on me with another woman is one thing. If it happened once, I could probably forgive. However, if he cheated with another man, it is completely over. There is no way I could continue on in a marriage with someone when I would constantly have to question their sexuality. Ok, she transitioned to a girl, she still has guy parts, which Hank was clearly into. No thanks.

nonmember avatar anna

Amen MrsClark87

Melissa Larbig

In my opinion, it would be over if my husband cheated with a man or a woman. The trust is broken no matter what gender he cheated with, he cheated! While she was pregnant, ugh. Probably continued to have sex with her and put her and the babies health at risk. She should definitely kick him to the curb. She was just photographed without her ring.

nonmember avatar stephanie

Her "violent" reaction? I don't think violent is the right word. I would have done worse if I were in her shoes. Feel bad for her ...

nonmember avatar linda

If it was me I would have sold the wedding ring at a jewlery store for $$$, but what an asshole ! He has a beautiful wife at home taking care of his children and he goes and does that nasty shit to her !!! He's not worth it. Kick him to the curb. You can do better honey!

nonmember avatar linda

Hank Baskett loves ugly tranny cock! Leave that little boy kendra.! You can do bad all by yourself !!!!

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